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Blenheim, 1813
Type: 3rd rate ; Armament 74
Laid down : Aug 1808 ; Launched : 31 May 1813 ; Disposal date or year : 1865
BM: 1747 tons
Propulsion: Sail - Screw
Machinery notes: 450
Complement : 442 officers and men, 53 boys, 125 marines.

Deal 29 Sep 1813 Remains in the Downs.

Yarmouth 30 Oct 1813 Passed this port on a cruise in the North Sea.

Deal 17 Nov 1813 arrived from the North Sea.

Portsmouth 9 Jan 1814 arrived from the Downs, where she arrived on the 7 from Holland and landed escapees from Verdun.

Portsmouth 18 Jan 1814 Is expected to sail with the Mediterranean convoy this morning.

Mahon 3 Jul 1814 Remains.

Deal 21 Aug 1814 arrived with a convoy from the Mediterranean and are placed under quarantine.

Deal 22 Aug 1814 Remain under quarantine in the Downs.

Deal 29 Aug 1814 arrived in the Downs with a convoy from Gibraltar and has departed for Sheerness, to be paid off.

Jul 1830 Woolwich

The Nore 14 Dec 1833 Is being brought out of ordinary and is to be rigged etc. in readiness to go to sea, should circumstances dictate.

Sheerness 2 Jan 1836 is reported to be in the basin and rumoured that she is to be prepared for sea service, which turns out to be just that ie a rumour !

23 Jun 1839 Sheerness is advancing fast in her equipment, but wants nearly 200 men to complete. She will probably be sent shortly to one of the Scotch ports for seamen.

3 Aug 1839 Mate Arthur Vyner, appointed to the Blenheim.

1 Aug 1839 Portsmouth, is ordered from Sheerness to Spithead. She would have been here during the week, but having wrung her capstan by endeavouring to unmoor with an elbow in her hawse, she remains to get the damage repaired. Report says she is ashore on the Beacon Shoal is the Swin Channel.

10 Aug 1839 arrived Spithead on Sunday, from Sheerness, and has since daily entered men to complete her strength.

17 Aug 1839 Lieutenant B. Warren, appointed to the Blenheim

7 Sep 1839 Masters' Assistant R. S. Creser, appointed to the Blenheim;

26 Oct 1839 Vol. 1st Class Thomas Fortescue, appointed to Blenheim.

21 Dec 1839 Portsmouth There is no longer a doubt that the Blenheim, 73, and Blonde, Pique, and Andromache frigates, refitting in this harbour, are intended as a reinforcement to the squadron in the East Indies, under the command of Sir Frederick Maitland.

28 Dec 1839 Mates J. M. Cook. William Lilley, R. C. Kevern, Volunteers 1st Class William Bencroft, the Hon. John Erskine, William Robert Adair, appointed to the Blenheim.

4 Jan 1840 Mate.- John Tode, appointed to the Blenheim. Commander Weedthorpe and Lieutenant E. C. Smith have invalided from the Blenheim.

25 Jan 1840 Mate A. M. Shairp, of Blenheim, appointed to be Chief Officer in the Coast Guard ; Mate R. L. Place, appointed to Blenheim ; Vol. 1st Class W. D. Loch, appointed to the Blenheim ; Lieutenant R. Collinson, appointed additional to Wellesley, to take passage in Blenheim ; Midshipmen C. H. Symonds (Blenheim), passed his examination for Lieutenant at the Naval College on Wednesday

1 Feb 1840 Portsmouth was towed out of harbour yesterday by the Lightning and Messenger.

1 Feb 1840 Lieutenant H. M. Tyndal, appointed to the Blenheim, vice Mends, superseded at his own request. Mate J. A. Paynter, appointed to the Blenheim"

8 Feb 1840 Lieutenant H. L. Tylden, appointed to the Blenheim

19 Mar 1840 bound to Chins. Spoke with the ship Duke of Bedford in lat. 1 N., long. 19 W.

27 Apr 1840 was spoken with to the eastward of the Cape of Good Hope.

15 May 1840 Simon's Bay was expected to sail with the Nimrod and Columbine to join the Admiral at Singapore.

16 Jun 1840 Singapore Melville, Blonde and Pylades sail for China, and the Blenheim, Pique and two gun-brigs are expected shortly.

8 Jul 1840 Singapore, left for China.

11 Jul 1840 Mate J. C. Pitman (1833), of the Blenheim, promoted to the rank of Lieutenant.

Jul 1840 arrived Chusan Harbour. See p. 283 at

21 Nov 1840, arrived Tongkoo Bay, from Chusan.

24 Nov 1840, Tongkoo Bay, has gone to the mouth of the Bogue.

7 Jan 1841 off Anunghouy, RMs, detachments of the British and Indian army and men from the Wellesley, Blenheim, Melville, Samarang, Druid, Modeste, Columbine Calliope, Hyacinth, Starling, Larne and cutter Louise, landed to attack and destroy the forts at Chuenpee and Tycocktow. See of 7 May 1841 and 14 May 1841. See also p. 284-> at

25->26 Feb 1841 attack on Anunghoy. See of 11 Jun 1841. See also p. 289-> at

1 Mar 1841 off Wantong. Ships boats sent up the river to Canton.

12 Mar 1841 Lieutenant Edward M. Mathews, appointed to the Blenheim.

17 Apr 1841 Mate ----- Pitman (of the Blenheim), promoted to the rank of Lieutenant ; appointed to the Druid.

24 Apr 1841 Assistant-Surgeon F. Mansell, M.D., to the Blenheim, promoted to surgeon, and to that ship, in death vacancy of ----- Mein.

21 May 1841 taken into the Macao passage, and anchored six miles below Canton. See p. 291-> at

3 Jul 1841 Commander S. P. Pritchard, Blenheim, promoted to Captain ; Lieutenant Joseph Pearse, Blenheim, promoted to Commander ; Mates R. C. Kevern, J. M. Cooke, and W. Bligh, promoted to Lieutenant

3 Jul 1841 Mate W. Ponsonby, appointed to Blenheim, and to take passage in the Cornwallis.

8 Oct 1841 Mate William Thornton Bate, promoted to Lieutenant.

24-> Aug 1841 operations against Amoy and the fortified island of Kolangsoo. See p. 294-> at

4 Sep 1841 the expedition proceeded to Chusan. See p. 294-> at

1 Oct 1841 action at Tinghae. See p. 294-> at

9-> Oct 1841 reconnaissance of the mouth of the Ningpo river and city of Chinhae - subsequent operations and choice of Ningpo as winter HQ. See p. 295-> at

30 Oct 1841 Lieutenant C. C. Dawkins, promoted to Commander ; Mates Lord A. W . Beauclerk, A. C. C. Denny and W. H. Symons, promoted to Lieutenant.

At some time during the period 1839-42 engaged in the Operations in China. Officers and Men serving on this ship during this period may be eligible for a Medal. See p. 288 at

13 Nov 1841 senior officer at Chusan.

5 Feb 1842 flies the flag for Sir Thomas Cochrane, 2nd in command of the East Indies station, until the Implacable is ready for sea.

14 Mar 1842 at the mouth of the Canton River.

23 May 1842 a court martial was held on board the Blenheim on Lt Christopher of the Herald who was honourably acquitted.

2 Jun 1842 at Hong Kong and expected to remain for a while co-ordinating communications with vessels arriving from Singapore and India.

5 Jul 1842 stationed at Canton River.

2 Sep 1845, Admy. Order, to fit for steam guard ships. Reduced to 56 (26 x 42 pdr., 66 cwt., ; 26 x 32 pdr., 42 cwt. ; 2 x 56 pdr., 85 cwt. ; 2 x 8 inch., 65 cwt.)

1847 Being converted to screw block-ship.

10 July 1848. Captain Horatio Austen. C.B. Experimental Squadron, Portsmouth - see St Vincent for details.

15 July 1848 Squadron departed from Portsmouth ; Captain Chads, C.B. - see St Vincent for article from the Morning Chronicle dated 17 Jul 1848

Oct 1848 Crew of Blenheim used to carry out trials on the Ajax, following her converson from sail to sail and steam. See Ajax for details.

20 Dec 1848 Steam guard ship, Portsmouth

30 Aug 1851 Portsmouth

11 Mar 1854 departed Spithead, with the fleet, for the Baltic - see p. 413 at

15 Apr 1854 captured Russian brig Patrioten [Prize Money per London Gazette of 21 Jul 1857].

16 Apr 1854 captured Russian merchant vessel Victor [Prize Money per London Gazette of 21 Jul 1857].

13 Jun 1854 the French fleet joined the British in the Baltic at Baro Sound - see p. 419-> at

Circa Jul 1854 the Lightning and Alban surveyed a channel between Lumpar and Ango Islands which was used on 28 Jul by the Edinburgh, Hague, Amphion, Blenheim, and Ajax to approach fort Bomarsund - see p. 422 at

11 Aug 1854 guns were landed and sent up to the British battery, in charge of parties of men under Lieutenants from the Edinburgh, Hogue, Blenheim, and Ajax - see p. 423-4 at

4 Feb 1856 Portsmouth. In Fitting Basin.

19 Feb 1856 Bent sails this afternoon.

20 Feb 1856 Paymaster Jeffreys appt. ; at Portsmouth

23 Feb 1856 Moved out of the Steam Basin at Portsmouth ; to test engines ; to move to Spithead.

25 Feb 1856 Left Spithead for Lisbon

23 Apr 1856, Present at Fleet Review, Spithead ; Captain Hall, CB

12 June 1860 Commissioned at Portsmouth.

1860 Coast Guard Service, Milford District, Milford Haven

1864 Coast Guard Ship, Home Station, Milford Haven. Number of Cases of Disease and Injury.