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Brilliant, <-1799->
Type: Hired Cutter / Lugger ; Armament 8
Hired : ? ; Disposal date or year : ?

1 Jan 1799 CO : John Bryer, stationed at Jersey. (N.C.).

Brilliant, 1814
Type: 5th rate ; Armament 36 (by Jul 1830 re-rated as a 42)
Completed : 28 Dec 1814 ; Disposal date or year : 1908
BM: 954 tons ; Displacement: 1408 tons

Jul 1830 Chatham

1843 Reduced to 22 guns.

July 1846 The Squadron of Evolution at Cove. Summer Cruise. With respect to the movements of the squadron we are informed, that they are under orders to proceed again to sea after a delay of three days to water - that they will cruise towards Bantry, and anchor for some time in that splendid bay, where, as we are informed, it is intended that the crews and marines shall be landed and exercised in warlike tactics, landing at night, and such like evolutions, the object of the present trials being to exercise the crews and manoeuvre them in naval operations. See St. Vincent for the full extract from the Cork Southern Reporter.

14 Jul 1846 Evolutions for the Squadron of Evolutions See St. Vincent for the full extract from the Cork Cork Examiner

18 Oct 1846 detained slaver Nova Allianca. 28 Feb 1849 tonnage bounty due for payment.

18 Feb 1847 detained slaver Phaon. 28 Feb 1849 proceeds of hull, &c., and tonnage bounty due for payments.

5 Jan 1848 detained the Brazilian slave ship Alzira, which was sent for adjudication to the Vice-Admiralty Court at the Cape of Good Hope, and sentenced to be condemned. 12 Feb 1850 Proceeds arising are now payable.

28 January 1847-48 officers and crew paid 43 12s. 8d. in respect of expenses incurred beyond the proceeds in the case of a vessel name unknown, at St. Helena.

20 Dec 1848 Cape of Good Hope

1859 RNR Training Ship

1860 Training Ship for the RNR, London - 20 guns

1 Apri1 1862 Woolwich. Commissioned as RNR Drill Ship for Service at Dundee.

1864 Home Station, as RNR Drill Ship at Dundee. Number of Cases of Disease and Injury.

1870 Drill Ship for RNR, Dundee 16 guns

1879 Drill Ship for RNR, Inverness

1 Apr 1881 New books opened

Apr 1886 Inverness

1889 Renamed Briton

1890 Drill Ship for Royal Naval Reserve, Kessock Ferry, Inverness.