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Cadmus, 1808
Type: Brig-sloop ; Armament 10
Launched : 26 Feb 1808 ; Disposal date or year : 1864
BM: 237 tons

19 Jan 1811 notice is given that the Proceeds of Le Caton and Maria Joseph, and sundry Wines and Liquor taken out of Ships destroyed between 17 Dec 1809 and 17 Feb 1810, Arrow Schooner in Company, will be paid to those actually entitled to receive the same, on the Cadmus's arrival in Port ; and the Shares net then demanded will be recalled at etc. Agents for the Cadmus and Arrow.

Plymouth 5 Sep 1811 Sent in the American vessel Drummond, detained off Bordeaux.

Plymouth Dock 6 Sep 1811 arrived from Rochfort.

Plymouth 10 Sep 1811 arrived from the coast of France with dispatches from the Semiramis, and Diana, following their recent visit to Rochefort.

Plymouth 15 Sep 1811 departed on a cruise.

Plymouth 20 Sep 1811 departed for the north coast of Spain.

Portsmouth 6 Jan 1812 departed for Plymouth.

Deal 11 Jan 1812 arrived from Portsmouth.

Deal 12 Jan 1812 departed with a convoy for Portsmouth.

Portsmouth 15 Jan 1812 arrived from a cruise.

Deal 30 Jul 1812 departed with a convoy of transports with French prisoners for Leith.

10 Feb 1813 the net proceeds of the Adolphus, captured by the Lyra on 17 Feb 1811, will be paid on board the Cadmus on the 10th day of February next, or on her arrival in port ; and the shares not then claimed etc...., which suggests to me that the ship's company of the Lyra, or a part of it was transferred to the Cadmus.....unless the Cadmus was in company with the Lyra when the capture was made ?

Portsmouth 13 Aug 1813 departed with a convoy for the Downs.

Portsmouth 23 Aug 1813 arrived with a convoy from the Downs.

Portsmouth 25 Aug 1813 departed on a cruise.

Portsmouth 4 Nov 1813 arrived with convoy.

Portsmouth 9 Jan 1814 arrived with a convoy from the Downs.

Portsmouth 10 Jan 1814 departed on a cruise.

Plymouth 29 Jan 1814 Has retaken and sent in the Rachel and Ann, Cox, from Buenos Ayres.

Portsmouth 30 Jan 1814 departed for the Dutch coast.

Deal 23 May 1814 Remains.

Portsmouth 23 May 1814 arrived with convoy from the Downs and departed again in the afternoon with French prisoners, for Dieppe.

Yarmouth 3 Jul 1814 departed for the Downs.

Plymouth 16 Aug 1814 arrived from Portsmouth.

Deal 24 Aug 1814 Remains.

Yarmouth 25 Oct 1814 arrived with a convoy from Hamburgh.

Yarmouth 28 Oct 1814 arrived with a convoy from Hamburgh.

Yarmouth 1 Nov 1814 departed to the westward.

Yarmouth 20 Nov 1814 departed with a convoy (herring ships), for the Mediterranean.

Deal 30 Nov 1814 Remains.

Yarmouth 20 Sep 1815 arrived from the Baltic.

Yarmouth 21 Sep 1815 departed to the Northward on a cruise.

Portsmouth 3 Sep 1816 Came in from the Downs.

Cadmus 28 Sep 1826 departed Devonport on a cruise.

29 Nov 1826 John Barrow, at the Admiralty, wrote to Commander Hallowell as follows : "I Am commanded by my Lords Commissioners of the Admiralty to transmit to you, for your information and guidance, a copy of an Act 5 Geo. IV. c. 113, intituled, An Act to amend and consolidate the Laws relating to the Abolition "of the Slave Trade;" and with reference to the treaties which have been entered into with Spain, Portugal, and the Netherlands, for the prevention of an illicit traffic in Slaves, and of which copies are contained in the said Act; I am also to enclose to you three Instructions, signed by their Lordships, authorizing you, in conformity with the treaties, to search vessels bearing those flags ; in doing which, as well as in the whole of your conduct towards such vessels, you are to be strictly governed by the said treaties, and the instructions attached to them. I am, &c. John Barrow.

15 Dec 1826 departed Plymouth for Africa with Col. Denham.

Portsmouth circa Jan 1827 arrived from Sierra Leone ?

Rio de Janeiro 19 Jun 1827 arrived yesterday from England.

Rio de Janeiro 11 Apr 1828 Remains.

Rio Janeiro 31 Jul 1829 Was at Rio de Janeiro.

Rio Janeiro 19 Oct 1829 arrived from Buenos Ayres.

Rio Janeiro 27 Oct 1829 Remains.

Rio de Janeiro 25 Dec 1829 Was daily expected, to refit and proceed to England.

Rio Janeiro 12 Feb 1830 departed for Bahia.

Bahia 8 Mar 1830 departed for Pernambuco.

Pernambuco 16 Mar 1830 departed for Portsmouth.

Portsmouth 20 Apr 1830 arrived from Rio Janeiro with specie.

Portsmouth 7 May 1830 Paid off.

Portsmouth 17 Feb 1835 Salamander departed for Chatham with the Cadmus in tow, the latter is to be converted for use as a Coast watch vessel on the Medway.

Feb 1842 Coast Guard vessel.

20 Dec 48 Coast Guard

1860 Coast Guard Service, Whitstable

1861-62 Coast Guard Watch Vessel (hulk).

1863 Renamed Coast Guard Watch Vessel 24.

27 Jan 1864 it was announced that on 9 Feb next, at two o'clock, the Admiralty will be ready to receive sealed tenders for the purchase of Her Majesty's Coast Guard Watch Vessel "Cadmus," 237 tons, lying in the River Swale (Whitstable Division) and was eventually sold 12 Mar 1864.