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Calcutta, 1831
Type: 2nd rate ; Armament 84
Launched Bombay : 14 Mar 1831 ; Disposal date or year : 1908
Complement :435 officers and men ; 60 boys ; 150 marines
BM: 2299 tons

1830 Bombay building

22 Jan 1831 Capt. Jervoise and the former crew of the Success were reported in UK journals to be bringing the Calcutta, 84, (new) to the UK, from Bombay.

1 May 1831 due to depart Bombay.

24 Aug 1831 departed St Helena for Plymouth.

10 Oct 1831 paid off at Plymouth.

22 Oct 1831 in Hamoaze.

, 14 Dec 1833 is being brought out of ordinary at Plymouth and is to be rigged etc. in readiness to go to sea, should circumstances dictate.

29 Aug 1840 Captain Sir Samuel Roberts ; Lieutenants G, Edmunds, J. R. Engledue, R J. Otway, and W. N. Russell ; Master S. Nortcote ; Boatswain. Mr. Palmer ; Carpenter Mr. Hall appointed to the Calcutta.

29 Aug 1840 Plymouth has been commissioned here this week.

5 Sep 1840 Commander George K. Wilson ; Assistant Surgeon James M. Deas ; Purser John Martin, appointed to the Calcutta.

19 Sep 1840 Mate Spencer R. Pickard and Richard Moorman, Gunnery Mate ; Surgeon Dr. Charles Carter ; Assistant Surgeon Marcus J. Dill, (acting) appointed to Calcutta.

19 Sep 1840 Plymouth, is getting ready for sea. The seamen of the Belleisle were turned over to her on Monday.

1 Oct 1840 Plymouth will be ready to go out of the harbour to the Sound on Friday or Saturday.

3 Oct 1840, Lieutenant H. St. John Georges, appointed from Calcutta to Belleisle ;

17 Oct 1840 Lieutenant W. E. Triscott. appointed to the Calcutta.

9 Nov 1840 arrived at Gibraltar, from Plymouth and Cork, and departed the following day for Malta.

10 Nov 1840, left Gibraltar for Malta to join Admiral Stopford's fleet.

Nov 1840 arrived at Malta on the 18th and departed on the 24th for the Bay of Marmorice.

8 Dec 1840 arrived Marmorice Bay from England.

6 Feb 1841 Commander Edward St. Leger Cannon, appointed to the Calcutta.

10 Apr 1841 departed from Marmorice-bay, for Malta.

21 Apr 1841 arrived at Malta.

29 Apr 1841 Second Master John Willis, appointed to the Calcutta.

26 May 1841 at Malta.

1 Jun 1841 arrived Malta, from Syracuse.

5 Jun 1841 Commander Arthur Morrell, appointed to the Calcutta.

12 Jun 1841 Second Master J. Whiting, appointed to the Calcutta.

19 Jun 1841 Naval Instructor and Schoolmaster W. P. Sambell, appointed to the Calcutta ;

22 Jun 1841 departed Malta for Syracuse to water.

4 Jul 1841 departed Malta for the coast of Syria with the Cambridge and Rodney, later to be joined by the Vanguard, once she's watered at Gozo.

23 Jul 1841 arrived Alexandria from Beyrout with the Rodney.

24 Jul 1841 Second Master J. Laffer, from the Dublin appointed to the Calcutta, vice Whiting, appointed to the Dublin.

7 Aug 1841 it was reported at Malta that she was leaving Alexandria on a cruise with the Rodney.

22 Aug 1841 departed Beyrout for Alexandria

27 Aug 1841 arrived at Djouné.

4 Sep 1841 Volunteer 1st Class A. Kingston, appointed to the Calcutta;

9 Sep 1841 at anchor off Beyrout.

5 Oct 1841 arrived Malta, from Beyrout and Alexandria.

25 Oct 1841 Malta, received pratique.

5 Nov 1841 at Malta, under orders for sea, supposed to be Vourla.

15 Nov 1841 departed Malta with sealed orders.

11 Dec 1841 it is reported at Portsmouth, in a letter from the Hastings at Gibraltar, that as a result of the present diplomatic situation the Calcutta is expected to remain at Gibraltar for the duration of the winter.

17 Dec 1841 Mate H. Bacon, has been promoted to Lieutenant and is appointed to the Calcutta.

8 Jan 1842 was at Gibraltar when the steam ship Montrose stopped off briefly before departing for England.

15 Jan 1842 it is announced that Gunner's Mates Wm. John Hunt, and Thomas Deyar, have been promoted to Third Class Gunners.

3 Feb 1842 at Gibraltar.

27 Feb 1842 arrived Malta in 4 days and some hours from Gib., bringing with her a gale.

19 May 1842 it is reported that the Queen, Impregnable, Calcutta, Vanguard, Cambridge, Devastation had been provisioned and were ready for sea, but that the desination remained a secret.

20 May 1842 departed Valetta with the squadron, including the Queen (flag V.-Adm. Owen) Howe (flag R.-Adm Mason), Vanguard, Calcutta, Thunderer, Cambridge, Impregnable, Devastation and Vesuvius, on a cruize.

2 Jun 1842 returned to Malta from cruise.

Circa 6 Jun 1842 it was reported by the Indus, in the Tagus, that she expected to be relieved by the Calcutta, from Malta, shortly.

22 Jun 1842 it was reported at Malta that two ordinary seamen of the Calcutta had been drummed round the squadron at day-light in the morning and passed over the decks of each ship in port, whilst the crew stood at divisions, after receiving each four dozen lashes onboard their own vessel, and moreover, to be imprisoned for one year in the Marshalsea for beastly and disgusting conduct.

7 Jul 1842 departed Malta for Lisbon and England.

25 Jul 1842 at Gibraltar.

2 Aug 1842 attempted to depart Gibraltar for England, but contrary winds compelled her to anchor again, in the Bay.

21 Aug 1842 arrived Plymouth Sound from Gibraltar and Lisbon. Orders were received Monday for her lower deck guns to be removed and for her defects to be made good in the Sound.

3 Sep 1842 at Plymouth preparing to depart for Canada with the Pique, Resistance and Crocodile troop ships to bring home the 67th and 69th Regts., and 7th Hussars.

1 Oct 1842 arrived Quebec to bring home the 2nd Battalion of the Coldstream Guards.

29 Oct 1842 is understood to have arrived this evening at St. Helen's with the 2nd Bat. of the Coldstream Guards.

31 Oct 1842 disembarked the 2nd Bat. of Coldstream Guards, who proceeded by rail from Gosport to Winchester Barracks, before returning to London.

1 Nov 1842 departed Spithead for Plymouth to be paid off.

2 Nov 1842 arrived Plymouth from Portsmouth to be paid off.

21 Nov 1842 paid off at Plymouth.

Jan 1848 Devonport,

20 Dec 48 Devonport,

24 Feb 1856 Devonport. Re-commissioned on Thursday.

3 Mar 1856 Asst Paymast J Lyon apptd. ; at Portsmouth

28 Apr 1856 has stored and provisioned and is shortly due to be taken out of the basin.

5 May 1856 crew paid in preparation for her departure to the East Indies.

6 May 1856 Plymouth Sound, departed for the Cape of Good Hope and the East Indies.

25 Jun 1856 Man overboard.

25 Aug 1856 arrived in Singapore Roads.

8 Sep 1856 arrived Hong Kong.

Circa 21-22 Oct 1856 departed for the Canton River. 23 Oct detached up the river to Canton, with the Coromandel, Sampson and Barracouta, and Royal Marines, the boats crews of the Calcutta, Winchester, Bittern and Sybille, to capture the various Chinese forts guarding the river.

5 Nov 1856 ship's boats, with the Barracouta, and later the Coromandel, attack 25 mandarin junks and the capture of the French-folly Fort.

12 Nov 1856 bombardment and capture of the Bogue Forts and the Anunghoy Forts on the following day.

15 Nov 1856 ship's boat returned up river, with the Nankin's boat, under tow of the Barracouta, during which an accident occurred to the Nankin's boat, resulting in the loss of 2 lives, arms and heavy equipment. Some days later a ship's boat was involved in the destruction of 35 Mandarin junks being built further down the Canton River.

Nov-Dec 1856 at Whampoa ; Calcutta's and Nankin's boats used to patrol the river at Canton.

4 Dec 1856 further attack on and capture of the now repaired French-folly Fort involving ship's boats.

4 Jan 1857 whilst delivering despatches a boat from the ship embarked on a mad-cap scheme to attack a fleet of Chinese junks.

8 Jan 1857 returned down river from off the Bogue Forts to Hong Kong, and withdrew her boats from Canton.

27 Feb 1857 Hong Kong.

28 May 1857 ship's boats sent up the Canton River to prepare for the attack on Fatshan Creek.

1 Jun 1857 ship's boats crews at Battle of Fatshan Creek (see also of 1 Aug 1857).

28 Nov 1857 Canton River.

28 Dec 1857 Capture of Canton and of Commissioner Yeh and the Tartar general (see also of 16 and 26 Feb 1858).

15 Jan 1858 Hongkong.

Jan-Feb 1858 Hongkong, the Forester, with the ship's boats from the Calcutta, was involved in anti-piracy patrols.

22 Feb 1858 Honhkong, the Algerine, with two of the Calcutta's boats, involved in anti-piracy patrol.

25 Mar 1858 departed for the Gulf of Pichili.

30 Mar 1858 To Shanghai.

13 Apr 1858 Shanghai.

5 May 1858 Gulf of Pechelee.

20 May 1858 Capture of the Forts at the Mouth of the Pel Ho.

10 Aug 1858 Nagasaki, Japan.

24 Aug 1858 Hongkong.

19 Mar 1859 departs Hongkong for England, via Singapore, the Cape, St. Helena, and paid off at Devonport.

1 Oct 1856 - 26 Jun 1858 Parliamentary Grant of £33,000, for services (in lieu of Prize Money) on the China Station to be divided between 56 Vessels

1860 Devonport

1865 attached to HMS Excellent by a bridge as a part of the Gunnery Gunnery school at Portsmouth, then moored off Whale Island, but then more commonly known as mud island.

1870 Experimental Gunnery Ship, Portsmouth

1879 Experimental Gunnery Ship, Portsmouth

1890 Portsmouth. Attached to Excellent. To be Sold.