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Caledonia, 1862
Type: Broadside ironclad frigate ; Armament 30 inc. 24 x 7 "
Launched : 24 Oct 1862 ; Disposal date or year : 1886
BM: 4125 tons ; Displacement: 6832 tons
Propulsion: Screw
Machinery notes: 4538 hpi 1000 hp ; Speed ; 13 knots ;

1860 Woolwich, building Originally designed and begun as wooden line-of-battleships of 91 guns, 3716 tons (OM), and 800 H.P. nom., but converted, in accordance with an Admiralty Order of May 14, 1861, to an armour-plated ship of about 6400 tons displacement, and from 3700 to 4240 H.P.I. Full-rigged broadside ships, with iron armour of a maximum thickness of 4.1 inches, carrying 24 61-ton 7-in. muzzle-loaders. Building on this vessel as a wooden ship commenced 1 Oct 1860 and conversion into an iron cased vessel on 6 Jun 1861.

Some brief notes on the Caledonia.

1866-7 Channel fleet

1868-72 Mediterranean

21 Dec 1869 at Malta.

14 Feb 1870 at Valetta - inspected by the CinC Mediterranean.

22 Feb 1870 arrived at Piraeus.

9 Apr 1870 arrived at Valetta from Piraeus.

23 Apr 1870 departed with the Mediterranean Squadron for exercises and Greece.

26 May 1870 departed from Smyrna for Tenedos.

28 May 1870 arrived at Tenedos.

24 Jun 1870 has arrived at Malta and been taken into dock to have her bottom cleaned.

19 Jul 1870 is reported to be at sea.

23 Jul 1870 returned to Malta and anchored off Valetta.

3 Aug 1870 departed for exercises.

12 Aug 1870 arrived at Gibraltar.

20 Aug 1870 reported to be carrying out joint exercises in the Atlantic with the Channel Squadron.

5 Sep 1870 returned to Malta, from Gibraltar, where she damaged her screw on submersed rocks and is to undergo repairs.

29 Oct 1870 having departed for Naples she encountered severe weather.

2 Nov 1870 arrived at Naples, and is reported to not to be the best of vessels in heavy weather.

19 Nov 1870 A.B. James Wright sentenced by Court Martial to receive 48 lashes, 2 year in prison and to be dismissed the service for striking a Midshipman.

31 Dec 1870, Malta, has departed for Sicily and Naples.

16 Jan 1871, Malta, arrived from Syracuse and Naples,

16 Feb 1871, Malta, entered the new Somerset Dock.

22 Feb 1871, Malta, was taken out of dock.

7 Mar 1871, Malta, departed for Sicily and Naples.

30 Mar 1871, at Naples.

2 Apr 1871, for census, at Naples. Italy.

11 Apr 1871, is reported at Malta to be at Messina.

30 Apr 1871, arrived at Naples.

14 May, 1871, Malta, returned from Naples and Palermo.

23 May 1871, Malta, her mainyard etc. is reported to have carried away.

16 Jun 1871, Malta, departed with squadron for Catania and Corfu.

3 Jul 1871, Malta, departed for Santorin to rejoin the squadron.

19 Jul 1871, Malta, a court martial reprimanded and admonished Commander C. A. G. Bridge, acting captain, for not exercising sufficient caution when approaching a known shoal, off Aspro Island, Santorin, where the Caledonia went aground on the 8 Jul, and was assisted off by the Lord Warden.

Mid-Aug 1871 is reported to be a part of the joint Channel and Mediterranean Squadron, exercising in the Atlantic.

Circa 10 Sep 1871, is reported to have been at Lisbon.

22 Oct 1871, Malta, arrived from Gibraltar.

1 Nov 1871, Malta, taken into dock to make good defects.

8 Nov 1871, Malta, taken out of dock.

28 Dec 1871, arrived at Smyrna, having called at Milo and taking on board the marble recently discovered at Ephesus.

13 Apr 1872, at Malta.

18 May 1872, arrived at Naples from Malta.

18 Jun 1872, Malta, departed with Squadron for Gibraltar.

18 Jun 1872, Malta, Lieutenant Gambier is reported to have left Malta for England.

1872-75 Guardship in the Forth

1879 Unappropriated. Devonport. Officers borne in Indus.