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Caledonia, 1891

1891 Kent (late Impregnable (1810)) renamed Caledonia.

22 Sep 1891 Devonport, due to overcrowding on board the Impregnable has been refitted for use as a training ship for boys and fitted with a more modern armament for training purposes. She has been commissioned with a complement of 171 officers, men and boys, and will shortly be towed to Queensferry.

10 Oct 1891 left Plymouth in tow of the cruiser Aurora.

1 Dec 1891 has been moored at Port Edgar, Leith.

3 Nov 1892 The Wanderer is to be commissioned for service on the east coast of Scotland, as a tender to the Caledonia, and training ship for boys.

California, 1916
Type: Motor Launch ; Armament ?
Acquired : ???? ; Disposal date or year : ????

15 Feb 1916 on the Smyrna patrol : the blockade of the Turkish coast from Cape Kaba to Latitude 38.30, some 200 miles, including Smyrna. The base for our ships was at Port Iero in the Island of Mytelene - see p 552

21/23 Feb 1916 brought over a released prisoner from Vourlah - see p 552.