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Calpe, 1800
Type: Polacre-sloop ;
Armament 8 (2 x long 24-pounders in the bow ; 2 x long brass 18-pounders for sternchasers ; 4 x 12 and 6 x 4-pounders)
Taken : 27 Oct 1800 ; Complement: 49

27-28 Oct 1800 ship's boats capture Spanish national polacre-ship San-Josef.

1 Jul 1801 at Gibraltar.

6 Jul 1801 lost some of her crew and boats when she detached them to rescue men from the Hannibal, aground in Algeziras Roads for.

12 Jul 1801 departed Gibraltar to chase a Franco-Spanish squadron observed sailing from Algeziras. 12th-13th the engagement commenced resulting in the destruction of 2 first rates, and the capture of a 3rd rate.

31 Oct 1801 the Falmouth packet Prince of Wales arrived in the Tagus and departed for Falmouth on the 16 Nov., and during this period the Superb, Phaeton, Leda, Voltigeur, Calpe, and Hydra, also arrived in the Tagus. The Superb, Leda, Calpe, and Hydra, remained at Lisbon, when the Prince of Wales sailed, the Phaeton and Voltigeur having already departed.

23 Nov 1801 the Falmouth packet King George arrived Lisbon, where she found the Constance, Capt Mudge, and the Calpe, Capt Dumaresq, lying in the Tagus.