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Calypso, 1783
Type: Ship-sloop, quarter-decked, large ; Armament 16
Launched : 1783 ; Disposal date or year : 30 Jul 1803
Disposal Details : immediately foundered when one of the vessels from her West India convoy ran foul of her and the crew perished. Capt William Venour.

6 Sep 1799 Portsmouth departed the Diana, and Calypso, with the West India trade.

24 Oct 1799 protection of a Jamaica convoy by the frigate Crescent and the ship-sloop Calypso from a small Spanish squadron and the capture of the Spanish corvette Galgo.

21 Nov 1799 arrived Port Royal Harbour, Jamaica with a part of the English and Cork convoys, which had been dispersed by a Spanish squadron off the Mona passage.

12 Apr 1800 Master and 10 men in the ship's cutter capture the French privateer-schooner Diligente, of six carriage-guns, 30 stands of arms, and 39 men.

Circa 17 Mar 1801 arrived at Port Royal, Jamaica, the Calypso, Apollo, Lowestoffe, and Acasta with a Spanish prize.

12 May 1801 departed New Providence accompanied by a number of merchant vessels, until they parted company on the 16th in lat 27 long 55.

16 Oct 1801 the Falmouth packet, Princess Elizabeth, Capt Kidd, called at Jamaica, where he found HM Ships Cumberland, Abergavenny, Topaze, Circe, Cerberus, Retribution, Volage, Shark, Calypso, and Merlin, and during her stay the Carnatic, Seine, and Crescent arrived, and Capt Kidd departed Jamaica 2 Nov., with HM ship Apollo in company.

3 Nov 1801 the Falmouth packet Leicester, Steel, arrived Port Royal, Jamaica, where the Santa Margarita, Crescent, Carnatic, Retribution, Topaze, Mosquito/Musquito, and Abergavenny were present. During the Leicester's stay at Port Royal the HM ships Bourdelais, Snake, Echo, Ambuscade, Tisiphone, Calypso, Juno, Sans Pareil, Melampus, Pelican, Captain, Goliah/Goliath, Brunswick, and Elephant arrived there.

Circa 26 Dec 1801 Lieutenant Robert Barrie is made Master and Commander into the Calypso, sloop of war.

Circa 26 Dec 1801 Captain Baker, of the Calypso, made Post, to the Ganges, vice Freemantle.

Circa 24 Apr 1802 Captain Brentor to the Calypso.

Circa 14 May 1802 the Stork, just arrived Jamaica from England, in a letter to Portsmouth, reports the departure of the Calypso from Jamaica for Montego Bay, so dates more than a little approximate.

Circa 21 Aug 1802 Captain Venour, to the Calypso.

14 May 1803 letters are received at Plymouth, reporting the arrival of the Hercule, Capt Ferris, at Guadaloupe on 5 Apr, from Plymouth, and expects to depart shortly for Jamaica. The letters also advise that the Blenheim has recently been ashore and had to throw 18 guns overboard to get off, and has gone to Martinique. The Elephant, Vanguard, and Bellerophon, 74s, and the frigate Desiree, were reported to be at Jamaica. The Goliath, Cumberland and Theseus were on a cruise, as were the Tartar, Shark and Echo, off the North of Jamaica, and the Calypso off Cape Tiberon.

30 Jul 1803 Goliath, 74, and Calypso, 14, separated from their convoy off the Western Isles when a gale dispersed the convoy in lat 44, long 32.