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Calypso, 1805
Type: sloop ; Armament 18
Launched : 1805 ; Disposal date or year : BU 1821.

18-23 Jul 1805 attacks on convoys off Calais - Vimereux - Ambleteuse.

3 Jan 1810 sent a smuggling vessel to Yarmouth, captured after a long chase.

21 May 1811 arrived Yarmouth from the Baltic.

30 May 1811 remains Yarmouth.

8 Aug 1811 departed Yarmouth with dispatches for the Baltic.

29 Sep 1811 arrived Yarmouth from the Baltic.

7 Oct 1811 departed Yarmouth with wine, for Anholt.

3 Nov 1811 Has sent in the Norskebolle to Yarmouth, of and from Bergen, laden with rye and Barley.

5 Nov 1811 arrived Lerwick, having lost her top masts, thrown her guns overboard, and otherwise suffered much damage.

6 Jul 1812 off Mardoe on the Norway coast, Dictator, Calypso, Flamer and Podargus sighted and chased a Danish squadron through difficult waters, in which two of the British brigs went aground, destroying the frigate Nayaden, and badly damaging the brigs Laaland, Samsoe, and Kiel and a number of gunboats.

25 May 1814 arrived Portsmouth from Bermuda, last from Plymouth.

12 Jun 1814 appointed to take the convoy of fishing vessels to the Banks of Newfoundland.

30 Jun 1814 arrived Falmouth from Plymouth, and departed again with secret orders.

16 Oct 1814 arrived Portsmouth from Plymouth.

21 Dec 1814 departed Portsmouth.

8 Jan 1815 departed Lisbon with a convoy for Gibraltar.