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Calypso, 1826
Type: Brig ; Armament 6
Launched : 1826 ; Disposal date or year : Feb 1833
Disposal Details : Foundered between Halifax and England: all lost Lieut. Richard Peyton

1830 Falmouth, Sloop of war fitted as a packet

20 Oct 1830 passed by Antigua.

16 Apr 1831 departed Rio for Buenos Ayres.

18 Feb 1832 arrived Madeira from Falmouth, and departed on the 19th for Rio de Janeiro.

27 Mar 1832 arrived Rio from Falmouth.

19 Jun 1832 arrived Falmouth from Rio (17 Apr) ; Bahia (28) ; Pernambuco (4 May), with mail and $120,000 in freight.

11 Aug 1832 bound to the Leeward Islands, spoke the Ajax in lat. 26, long. 37.

31 Aug 1832 arrived at Barbadoes from Falmouth.

29 Jan 1833 departed Halifax.

The following brief report appeared in the Nautical Magazine for Oct 1834 : Calypso, packet brig, number of persons on board not known, left Halifax on the 29th of January, 1833 ; was seen surrounded by icebergs, on the day after she departed, by a fishing vessel, which could not approach her on account of the ice. She was evidently in distress, and firing guns for assistance.