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Cambridge, 1755
Type: 3rd rate ; Armament 80
Launched : 1755 ; Disposal date or year : 1808

11 Oct 1793, Guardship, Plymouth.

24 Jan 1799 14 smugglers, who had fired into a custom house boat off Salcombe were escorted through Plymouth, to be put on board the Cambridge, flag ship in Hamoaze, by a party of the Surrey cavalry.

12 Apr 1799 Plymouth, Captain Wickey arrived this forenoon to take, as flag captain, the command of the flag ship in Hamoaze, vice Captain R. Boger, who retires, and carries with him the good wishes of every officer and seaman in the ship. Macklcrath, Esq. succeeds G. Brewer, Esq. as admiral's secretary.

7 May 1799 in Hamoaze.

7 Aug 1799 Plymouth the Cambridge, 84, V.-Adm. Sir T. Paisley, Bart. this day warped down the harbour near Passage, for the conveniency of making signals.

25 Oct 1799 Plymouth being the anniversary of the Accession, the royal standard was displayed on board the flag ship, at Government House, and all the public offices ; a royal salute was fired at the Citadel, and on board the fleet.

25 Oct 1799 Plymouth it being his Majesty’s Accession, the health of the King of England and King of Spain were drank with great glee by the Spanish officers.

Plymouth, 10 Jan 1800 a Court Martial was held on board the Cambridge, flag ship in Hamoaze, on Captain Searle, his officers, and ship's company, for the loss of the Ethalion, on the Saints Rocks, 25 Dec 1799. After an impartial Investigation of the existing circumstances, the Court most honourably acquitted Captain Searle, his ofiicers, and crew. It appeared that the accident was occasioned by an unusual course of tide, and but little wind ; that every exertion which skill and zeal could effect was made by Captain Searle and his officers: and the utmost discipline and subordination was observed by the ship's company, so highly honourable to British seamen in times of danger. The Ethalion was stationed off the Saints, to preserve the line of cruisers watching the enemy's ports."

30 May 1800 Plymouth, departed the Dasher, 18, on a cruise. She returned again in the evening, and landed two seamen mutineers of the Danae, 24 guns, taken out of a cartel off the Sound, and sent them on board the Cambridge, 74, flag ship in Hamoaze.

2 Sep 1800 Plymouth, a Court Martial was held on board the Cambridge flag ship, in Hamoaze, on John Barnet, one of the Mutineers of the Danae, Captain Lord Probey. Barnet was discovered in Mill prison on Sunday the 24th ult. the day previous to his marching for Stapleton prison with 400 other prisoners, by Lieut. Neville Lake, first of the Danae. Mr. Cleverton, at his request, with his usual promptitude, had the prison mustered in his presence; after going through the ranks, he fixed on Barnet as the man who steered the ship into Camaret Bay, and a principal ringleader in the mutiny : it was more than probable he would have escaped, as he is a Jersey man and speaks French fluently. He was taken in La Vengeur French privateer about 3 months since. The Court Martial sentenced him, after a fair and impartial trial, to be hanged at the yardarm of such ship as the Lords Commissioners of the Admiralty shall appoint.
9 Sep this morning pursuant to Orders from the Lords Commissioners of the Admiralty, the above unhappy man was conveyed on board La Pique, 38 guns. Captain Young, attended by all the boats of the fleet, manned and armed to witness the awful sight. The signal for punishment was flying from daybreak on board the Cambridge and Pique. At half past ten o'clock, the prisoner, accompanied by the Chaplain, proceeded along the gangway to the platform on the forecastle where the Provost Martial placed the rope round his neck. He then prayed fervently for some time ; after which the fatal gun fired, and he was instantly run up to the fore yard arm, a dreadful example to all Mutineers. After hanging one hour, his body was lowered into a shell, and conveyed to the Royal Naval Hospital for interment.

Circa 1 Nov 1800 Lieutenant Richards, late First of the Cambridge, is appointed to the command of La Resolue, commissioned as a slop and receiving ship at Plymouth.

6 Jan 1801 this day Admiral Sir T. Pasley, Bart, hoisted his flag as Admiral of the Blue, on board the Cambridge, of 84 guns, in Hamoaze ; on which each ship manned yards, and gave three cheers, and changed their colours from Red to Blue.

19 Jan 1801 being the anniversary of her Majesty's birth-day, it was observed with every mark of respect. The Royal Standard was displayed on board the Cambridge, of 84 guns, Admiral Sir T. Pasley, and San Joseph, of 120 guns, Vice-Admiral Lord Nelson, which were saluted by the whole fleet. Vice-Admiral Lord Nelson dined with the Captains of the Navy at Admiral Sir T. Pasley's.

25 Jun 1801 so great was the hurry and bustle at this Port to get out every ship ready for sea, that all the hands on board the Cambridge ; from the gun-boats, Captain Hawker; from the prison ships; slop ships ; from the Nimrod, of 20 guns, Rear Admiral Dacres in Hamoaze, and from the Pelican, of 18 guns, Captain Thicknesse, in Plymouth Sound, were sent on board the Namur, to man her for sea.

15 Jul 1801 Rear Admiral Dacres, as superintendant of seamen's payment, began paying the Cambridge, in Hamoaze, 6 months wages.

10 Oct 1801 the Dasher was paid off, and her crew turned over to the Cambridge flag-ship in Hamoaze.

4 Nov 1801 the cutter of the Cambridge flag ship upset in Hamoaze, but all hands were saved by a shore boat.

7 Nov 1801 Admiral Sir T. Paisley, Bart, this day struck his flag at the main of the Cambridge, at Hamoaze, being ordered to Portsmouth, as President of the Court Martial to be held on Admiral Sir W. Parker, Bart. Rear-Admiral Dacres hoisted his flag at the mizen, as Rear-Admiral of the White, when the fleet changed their colours, and cheered.

23 Jul 1801 a few days ago a Court Martial was held on board the Cambridge, flag ship, in Hamoaze, on Mr. Banfield, purser of his Majesty's sloop of war, Spitfire, of 16 guns, Captain Keen, on a charge of disobedience of orders to his Captain. The charge was fully proved ; but on account of the excellent character given Mr. Banfield by several respectable Naval Officers, he was only mulcted by the Court in one year's pay, and reinstated as Purser of the Spitfire.

9 Aug 1801 a Court Martial was held on board the Cambridge, in Plymouth harbour, on the Boatswain of the Uranie, on a charge of drunkenness and neglect of duty ; which charges being fully proved, he was reduced, from his situation, and turned before the mast.

2 Sep 1801 a Court Martial was held on board the Cambridge, in Hamoaze, Plymouth, on Lieutenant Lewis, Second Lieutenant of the Sirius, of 36 guns, on a charge preferred against him, for leaving the quarter-deck, during his watch in the night, and when the Sirius was at single anchor, and the look-out frigate of the inshore squadron off Brest. The charge was fully proved, when the President and Members of the Court-Martial taking into their serious consideration the nature and consequence of the charge : and also, on the other hand, the very excellent character of Lieutenant Lewis, as an Officer and a gentleman, only dismissed him his Majesty's service.

9 Sep 1801 a Court Martial was held on board the Cambridge, in Hamoaze, Plymouth, on the Master, of the Sirius, of 36 guns, Captain King, for drunkenness and neglect of duty. The charge was fully proved, and be was dismissed the ship, and sentenced never to serve in a higher than a sixth rate.

9 Sep 1801 a Court Martial was held on board the Cambridge, in Hamoaze, Plymouth, on the Gunner of the Sirius, at the instance of the Master for drunkenness and neglect of duty ; but the charge not being proved he was honourably acquitted.

9 Sep 1801 a Court Martial was held on board the Cambridge, in Hamoaze, Plymouth, on Lieut. Rains, First Lieutenant of the Sirius, for drunkenness and leaving his quarters during the time of action. The Court, on hearing the evidence of the Prosecutor in support of the charge, found it so contradictory, vague, and ill-founded, that the President and Court unanimously acquitted Lieutenant J. Rains of the whole of the charges against him in the most honourable manner, to the great satisfaction of all present.

16 Jan 1802 Rear-Admiral Dacres, as Commissioner for paying seamens' wages afloat, paid the Cambridge, flag-ship at Plymouth ; Prince Frederick, convalescent ship ; and Resolue, slop-ship, six months wages at Plymouth.

18 Jan 1802 being the anniversary of her Majesty's birth-day, it was observed at Plymouth as usual, with every mark of respect and loyalty. The Royal Standard was hoisted on board the Cambridge.

7 Feb 1802 a Court Martial was held on board the Cambridge, in Hamoaze, Plymouth, on Lieut. Hicks, of that ship, for repeatedly sleeping out of the Cambridge without leave, contrary to orders. After the Court's hearing the evidence against the Prisoner, and his defence, they adjudged him to be dismissed his Majesty's service. He has a wife and family.

10 Feb 1802 orders came down for paying off La Pompee, 84, and Magnanime, 44 ; their crews being sent onboard the Cambridge, as supernumeraries, till further orders.

13 Feb 1802 the Pompee, 84, and Magnanime, 44, were this day paid off in Hamoaze, and the crews turned over to the Cambridge.

18 Feb 1802 the Plantagenet, 74, paid off, and her crew discharged on board the Cambridge flag-ship in Hamoaze.

20 Feb 1802 the Prudent (prison ship), was paid off, and her crew discharged on board the Cambridge flag-ship, in Hamoaze. The Europa (prison ship), and Sampson (prison ship), will be paid off next week, and the crews discharged on board the Cambridge.

22 Feb 1802 departed Plymouth Sound the Cambrian, 44, as her launch was going to the Devils Point, with a midshipman and eight seamen for fresh beef, the launch grounded, and notwithstanding their exertions, she remained aground, and the officers and crew were turned over to the Cambridge, flag ship, as supernumeraries. 1 Mar 1802 by the great exertions of Captain Fraser, and crew of the Eagle revenue cutter ; the cutter which got on shore in the gale of wind on Wednesday last in Hamoaze, was completely got off, and is now safe in Dock at Frank's Quarry.

25 Feb 1802 the Beaulieu, 44, Captain Poyntz, parted her cable and anchors in Plymouth Sound in the gale that blew with incredible fury all night, and made signals of distress, which were answered by the Cambridge flag ship in Hamoaze, when the gale moderated, a yard launch went into the sound, with spare anchors and cables, and the Beaulieu moored again in safety.

26 Feb 1802 arrived Plymouth Sound the Grappler gun brig, who was paid off, and her crew discharged into the Cambridge flag ship, and Resolu slop ship, in Hamoaze, as supernumeraries.

6 Apr 1802 Commissioner Dacres began paying off the supernumeraries of the Cambridge flag-ship in Hamoaze, who are all discharged.

7 Apr 1802 one of the supernumerary seamen paid off from the Cambridge in Hamoaze, being intoxicated, was robbed by his sober comrades of all his wages, £20, with which they got clear off.

8 Apr 1802 300 more of the Cambridge supernumeraries were paid off this day.

6 May 1802 began stripping her rigging &c., in preparation for being paid off.

31 May 1802 Paid Off. This date taken from what appears to be the final Musters ADM 36/13920, although I note that the Master's and Captain's Logs appear to have been terminated on 12 May, which might be more accurate, but with the numbers of personnel who were being paid off from other ships and being discharged into the Cambridge so could the 31 May.......?

16 Dec 1802 it has been announced that the Cambridge has been ear-marked by the Admiralty to be broken up, since she's not worth repairing......however it would appear that this must have been postponed until a later date....see above.