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Camel, 1781
Type: Storeship ; Armament 40, reduced to 26, and then 24 (circa 1801)
Purchased : 1781
Disposal date or year : 1831

21 Dec 1796 When the Mediterranean fleet arrived in the Tagus, the Bombay-Castle, 74, Captain Thomas Sotheby, to avoid running foul of the Camel store-ship, ran aground and was subsequently lost on the 28th.

20-21 Sep 1799 inconclusive action between the store-ship Camel, ship-sloop Rattlesnake and the French 36-gun frigate Preneuse.

27 Feb 1801 remains in the Downs.

6 Mar 1801 arrived Spithead the Camel store-ship, the Dart, and the Racoon, with a large convoy from the Downs, among which are the following outward bound East Indiamen ; True Briton, Hindustan, Lord Hawkesbury, Airley Castle, Charlton, Duke of Montrose, Dover Castle, Calcutta, Asia, Windham, and Lord Duncan ; and the Admiral Rainier and Kent for the Cape of Good Hope.

6 Apr 1801 departed Spithead in company with the Porcupine, Castor, and the Plover with a large and valuable convoy for the West Indies.

11 Apr 1801 arrived Torbay with her convoy of 125 sail, the wind W.N.W., and will remain until the wind is less contrary.

22 Oct 1801 arrived Plymouth from the West Indies.

4 Jan 1802 arrived in the Downs and departed for Sheerness.

15 Mar 1802 came down from the River to Sheerness.

29 Mar 1802 arrived in the Downs.

30 Mar 1802 arrived Spithead from the Downs.

Circa 14 May 1802 the Stork, just arrived Jamaica from England, in a letter to Portsmouth, Camel at Jamaica, so dates more than a little approximate.

30 Aug 1802 remained in the Downs with the Immortalite, Camel, and Vixen.

31 Aug 1802 departed the Downs for Sheerness.

3 Jun 1803 Capt Ayscough apptd to the Camel at Sheerness.

23 Aug 1803 arrived in the Downs.

26 Aug 1803 departed the Downs for the Westward.

27 Aug 1803 arrived Spithead from the Downs, the Camel, Capt Ayscough, en route for the West Indies. Embarking Commissioners Stirling, and Lane for Jamaica, and Antigua, respectively.

28 Sep 1803 the Revolutionaire, Capt Lock, departed Spithead, with the store ship Camel, Capt Ayscough, with a convoy for the West Indies. Commissioners Sterling and Lane went passenger in the Camel, for Jamaica and Antigua.

21 Dec 1803 the Revolutionaire, and Camel were reported to have arrived Barbadoes with their convoy from Portsmouth.

Circa 23 Dec 1803 the Camel departed for Antigua with Commissioner Lane, and will then depart for Jamaica with Commissioner Sterling.

Circa 12 Oct 1804 appointed to take the Hon Gen Fox, recently arrived Portsmouth, to Gibraltar.

25 Oct 1804 arrived Spithead, the Camel, Capt Garth, from the Downs.

Circa 27 Oct 1804 the Tribune, Raven, Prevoyante, and the store ship Camel (with Gen Fox), are appointed to the convoy for the Mediterranean, to sail as soon after 30 Oct., weather permitting.

8 Nov 1804 departed Spithead the Tribune, Capt Bennet ; the Camel, Capt Garth ; Raven, Capt Layman, and Prevoyante, Master D McCoy, to with a convoy for the Mediterranean, Drs Gillespie, Fellowes, and several medical gentlemen went passengers to the Mediterranean.

May 1805 Mediterranean.

4 Apr 1814 departed Portsmouth to the eastward.

24 Aug 1814 dropped down from Spithead to St Helen's with her convoy for the West Indies.

1 Sep 1814 departed St. Helen's with the convoy for the West Indies.

4 Sep 1814 arrived Cork with the outward bound West India Fleet from Spithead.

24 Jun 1815 arrived Portsmouth.

6 Nov 1815 arrived Plymouth from Portsmouth, for Malta.

2 Aug 1819 arrived Newfoundland from Portsmouth.