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Cameleon, 1816
Type: Brig-sloop ; Armament 10
Launched at Bombay : 16 Jan 1816 ; Disposal date or year : 1849
BM: 240 tons
Complement :37 officers and men ; 10 boys ; 8 marines

1 Jan 1820 built of teak.

Trincomalee 20 Mar 1816 Remains.

Madras Roads 10-20-> Jun 1816 under orders for England.

St. Helena 16 Oct 1816 Remains.

10-11 Apr 1817 the former acting Commander, Lieut. J. McArthur Low, court martialled on board the Queen Charlotte at Portsmouth, relating to Midshipman G.L. Spain, the charges being unfounded Lt. Low was acquitted.

Portsmouth 11 Sep 1819 arrived from a cruise.

Portsmouth 14 Sep 1820 arrived from a cruise.

Portsmouth 9 Jan 1821 departed with water and provisions for merchant vessels detained in the chops of the Channel by the long prevailing easterly winds.

27 Nov 1821 Is in commission and based on Portsmouth.

31 Dec 1821 came into harbour at Portsmouth.

14 Jan 1822 has been paid off at Portsmouth and is expected to be re-commissioned as a tender to the Royal Yacht Apollo.

31 Jan 1823 the Cameleon and Naiad, off Algiers, attacked the Tripoli, an Algerine corvette, and the former boarded her, before being ordered to abandon the vessel.

Jan 1824 With the Naiad, visited Algiers, following a violation of the British consuls offices, in order to demand satisfaction from the Dey.

31 Jan 1824 Since it was apparent that British citizens living in Algiers were no longer thought to be safe, they were taken on board. However, on departing from the harbour the Algerine corvette Tripoli, which had recently committed depredations on Spanish trade, in contravention of the Treaty of 1816, was sighted in the offing and was reduced to a wreck by the Naiad's gunners. She was subsequently boarded and taken by the Camelion, but on the Naiad's orders, abandoned. See p. 235-236 at

20 Feb 1824 departed Falmouth for the Eastward.

23 Feb 1824 arrived Spithead from Algiers, last from Falmouth.

16 May 1824 arrived Vera Cruz with dispatches.

27 Oct 1824 departed Fowey on a cruise.

8 Jan 1825 arrived Falmouth from a cruise.

10 Jan 1825 departed Falmouth on a cruise.

19 Jan 1825 arrived Fowey from a cruise.

27 Jan 1825 arrived Falmouth from a cruise.

31 Jan 1825 arrived Falmouth from a cruise and departed again.

16 Apr 1825 arrived Falmouth from a cruise.

17 Apr 1825 departed Falmouth on a cruise.

12 Jun 1825 called at Falmouth whilst on a cruise.

31 Jul 1825 arrived Falmouth from Plymouth.

15 Oct 1825 arrived Falmouth from a cruise.

17 Oct 1825 departed Falmouth on a cruise.

27 Oct 1825 arrived Lisbon, with mail from Falmouth.

18 Nov 1825 arrived Falmouth with a mail from Lisbon.

29 Dec 1825 at Plymouth.

28 Sep 1826 remains at Devonport

6 Jan 1827 in the Mediterranean.

12 May 1827 had departed Malta for Leghorn and Naples.

31 Jan 1828 with a squadron at Grabusa under Commodore Sir T. Staines, destroyed a number of vessels which had been used for piracy. See p. 261-2 at

Valletta 4 Jun 1828 Is in the Archipelago.

Valletta 27 Jan 1829 Was reported to be sailing for Naples on the 29th inst.

Napoli di Romania 28 Oct 1829 Refitting.

Malta 6 Feb 1830 Is at Valletta.

18 Jan 1831 Alligator and Camelion at Smyrna.

Portsmouth 4 Jan 1834 Refitting for commission.

17 Jan 1835 in harbour at Portsmouth

Portsmouth 18 Feb 1835 went out to Spithead.

Portsmouth 28 Feb 1835 departed Tuesday to Brighton to protect the mackerel fishery.

Portsmouth 14 Mar 1835 has returned from Brighton.

Portsmouth 25 Apr 1835 it is reported that whilst at anchor off Brighton the ship's gig was launched to rescue the 9 occupants of a pleasure boat which was driven out to sea in a squall and swamped. After bringing them on board for treatment they were returned to shore.

Portsmouth 16 May 1835 arrived yesterday from a cruise off the Sussex coast where she was sent to prevent disputes between French and local fishermen.

14 Nov 1835 is reported to be either on the north coast of Spain or at Lisbon.

Lisbon 19 Dec 1835 in the Tagus.

Lisbon 22 Oct 1836 arrived from Vigo.

Lisbon 29 Oct 1836 in the Tagus.

Lisbon 2 Dec 1836 arrived from Cape St Vincent, where she had been cruising for the previous month, and was to sail tomorrow for the same station.

Lisbon 4 Jan 1837 departed on a cruise.

17 Feb 1837 lying-to in a strong gale off Oporto, was obliged to run into the harbour at Vigo the following day.

Lisbon 28 Feb 1837 departed for St Ubes.

Lisbon 16 Apr 1837 reported to be in the Tagus.

Lisbon 30 Apr 1837 departed on a cruise.

Lisbon 3 May 1837 arrived from a cruise.

Lisbon 2 Jun 1837 arrived from Cadiz.

7 Nov 1838 2nd Master Henry Webb apptd.

4 Feb 1839 arrived at Lisbon with only 9 out of 14 Portuguese prisoners, crews of Slave Ships.

15 Dec 1840 salvage received from the owners of the brig Jane wrecked off the Bar of Oporto 7 - 11 Oct 1837.

6 Jan 1839 departed Lisbon for the coast of Africa.

20 Mar 1840 Buenos Ayres, arrived from Rio.

14 Nov 1840 at Buenos Ayres.

Circa 3 Jan 1841 at Rio Janeiro.

12 Apr 1841 departed the Cape of Good Hope for Rio Janeiro.

6 Jun 1841 at Rio Janeiro.

22 Jun 1841 at Rio Janeiro.

2 Sep 1841 arrived back at the Cape of Good Hope, having previously departed for China, but had to put back having been damaged in a gale.

9 Sep 1841 departed the Cape of Good Hope, for China.

24 Nov 1841 arrived Singapore recently from the coast of Africa and departed for China.

22 Dec 1841 arrived Macao from the Coast of Africa.

14 Mar 1842 at Amoy.

5 Jul 1842 stationed at Amoy.

20 Dec 1848 Employed as a customs Watch Vessel.