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Campania, 1893
Type: Auxiliaries - variously described as a Seaplane carrier or Aircraft Carrier. ; Armament 6 x 4.7 in., 1 x 3 in. AA
Launched : 1893 ; Disposal date or year : 5 Nov 1918
Disposal Details : Lost by collision with Glorious or Revenge, depending on source, during a gale, in the Firth of Forth,
Displacement: 18000 tons

ADM 156/173 Court of Enquiry into collision of HMS CAMPANIA with HMS ROYAL OAK and HMS GLORIOUS after dragging anchor. Capt. J.H.C. Lindsay R.N. and Acting Lieut. T. Smart R.N.R. HMS CAMPANIA. Court Martial proceedings put in hand. 1918