Hired Armed Cutter Camperdown

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Camperdown, 1798
Type: Hired armed cutter ; Armament 12 x 12 pdr carronades + 2 x 6 pdr ;
Hired : 1798 ;
Disposal date or year : 1801
BM : 158 ;

Extract of a Letter from Capt. Thomas Hamilton, commanding the Sea Fencibles at Margate, to Evan Nepean, Esq. dated the 9 Mar 1799 : I have the honour to acquaint you, that yesterday morning, about ten o'clock, a small cutter was observed boarding two brigs eight or nine miles from the North Foreland. The wind being to the eastward, with a flood tide, prevented the Camperdown cutter, lying in Westgate Bay, from chasing. I sent an orderly dragoon to the admiral at Deal, not knowing the force of the privateer. The moment the capture was perceived, 40 or 50 of the Sea Fencibles pushed off in three boats, and about three o'clock recaptured the two brigs, the privateer having made off.

18 Jul 1799 captured the Sufa. Lieutenant Henry Wildey, commanding officer. 21 Jan 1803 prize money resulting due for payment.

26 Nov 1799 captured the French privateer Republicaine, 12 tons, from Boulogne, Citoyen Jean Baptiste Carre, Commander, 20 men, near the South Foreland.

24 Jun 1801 departed Spithead with the Trent, on a cruise off Cherbourg.

5 Aug 1801 arrived Spithead from Plymouth.

3 Sep 1801 arrived Torbay from a cruise, the wind apparently getting up, since other vessels and convoys also appear to be coming in to use this sheltered bay, from what appears to be a steadily increasing S.W. blow, accompanied by rain.

10 Sep 1801 this morning, before day, the signal guns were fired as the wind blew gently from the E.S.E., and the Gibraltar and Mediterranean convoys, totalling near 100 sail, departed Torbay with the Triumph, Hydra, Solebay, Hind, Prevoyante, Pandour, and Netley, and by 1 p.m. were clearing land. The Camperdown followed shortly afterwards, being the last vessel to depart the anchorage.

8 Oct 1801 arrived Brixham, and reportedly, intends departing for Portsmouth tomorrow, weather permitting.

15 Oct 1801 departed Brixham this morning on a cruise ; wind blowing hard from the WSW, with rain.

10 Nov 1801 departed Spithead the Camperdown cutter, Lt. Smith, for Dover, to be discharged from the service.