HMS Camperdown

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Camperdown, 1885
Type: Battle Ship, 1st Class, Armoured ;
Launched : 24 Nov 1885 ; Disposal date or year : 11 Jul 1911
Displacement: 10600 tons
Propulsion: Twin Screw Complement: 515
Machinery notes: 11500 ; Speed ; 17.2 knots ;

19 Dec 1889 Commissioned at Portsmouth.

1890 Portsmouth to turn crew over to the Victoria.

1890 FO Mediterranean ; includes officers borne additional for Torpedo duties at Malta ; Stores at Dutch House, Port Said.

1891 Flag ship of the Channel Squadron.

22 Jun 1893 Following an order by the admiral to carry out a dangerous and near impossible manoeuvre, taking into account the positions of the vessels, the Camperdown rammed HMS Victoria, off the Lebanon, which sank with heavy loss of life. Camperdown was also badly damaged, but managed to limp into port.

1893 Placed in reserve.

11 Mar 1900 Planned to replace the Trafalgar with the Camperdown as guardship, following her refit.

???? Coastguard ship.

1908 Submarine Depot ship at Harwich.