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Camphaan, 1799
Type: Brig ; Armament 16 x long 6 pdrs
Taken : Aug 1799 ; Disposal date or year : 1802

31 Jul -22 Aug 1799 Invincible departed as a part of an expedition to the coast of Surinam, resulting in the taking of that Dutch colony, along with the capture of the French corvette Hussar, and the Dutch corvette, Camphaan, which were added to the British navy ; the latter by her own name, and the former by the name of the colony.

Vice-Admiral Lord Hugh Seymour wrote in a despatch received at the Admiralty on 12 Oct 1799: "Am not able at present to forward an account of the vessels captured at Surinam, two of which I have been obliged to take into HM service until their lordships' pleasure can be known ; but I shall take the first opportunity of sending that account for their Lordships' information. The Camphaan brig, 16 guns, late belonging to the Government of Holland, now serving under the same name, and Lt. Thwaites, of the Prince of Wales, appointed to command her.