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Canopus, 1897
Type: Battleship ; Armament 4 x 12" ; 12 x 6" ; 10 x 12 pdr ; 6 x 3 pdr
Launched : 12 Oct 1897 ; Disposal date or year : 28 Jan 1920
Displacement: 12950 tons
Complement: 750
Machinery notes: 13500 hpi ; Speed ; 18 knots ;

One of the first ships to use Krupp Cement in armour allowing a considerable weight saving.

18 Nov 1900 Collision with the cruiser Venus - see below.

1 Aug 1914 a part of the Eighth Battle Squadron assembled at Portland - operations in the Channel - see p. 144

4 Aug 1914 War with Germany declared.

22 Aug 1914 departed for Gibraltar.

29 Aug 1914 having received repairs to the engines departed Gibraltar for the Cape Verde Islands, Madeira, Canary Islands and Sierra Leone making a number of rendezvous en route - see p. 145.

7 Sep 1914 arrived at St. Vincent and having coaled departed for the Abrolhos Rocks.

17 Sep 1914 arrived at Pernambuco but not being able to coal departed the following day for the Abrolhos Rocks - see p. 147.

22 Sep 1914 arrived at Abrolhos Rocks - see p. 148.

25 Sep 1914 departed for Monte Video to protect British trade off the River Plate - see p. 149, but news returned to Abrolhos after a few hours, news having been received that the Karlsruhe was in the area.

C 10 Oct 1914 departed for the Falkland Isles - see p. 150.

18 Oct 1914 arrived at the Port Stanley.

23 Oct 1914 departed Port Stanley - see p. 324

30 Oct 1914 we made the land in the vicinity of Vallenar - see p. 324.

31 Oct 1914 weighed for Felix Island - see p. 326.

Nov 1914 operating to southward of Monte Video; - see Sent to support the Good Hope and Monmouth off Coronel, but some 200 miles away when the battle took place and departed for the Falkland Islands.

2 Nov 1914 spoke with the Glasgow - see p. 327->

8 Nov 1914 arrived at the Port Stanley, returning on the 12th - see p. 330.

Nov 1914 sent to Monte Video; but when half way was told to return to Port Stanley, to moor head and stern in the harbour, so as to form a floating fort : land guns, and co-operate with the local volunteers to defend the place in the event of a German attack - see

7 Dec 1914 at Port William, Falkland Islands - see p. 143 Briefly engaged Von Spee's squadron at the battle of the Falkland Islands.

8 Dec 1914 briefly engaged Von Spee's squadron as they appeared off the Falkland Islands.

18 Dec 1914 left for Abrolhos - see p. 531->

26 Dec 1914 arrived Abrolhos.

14 Jan 1915 relieved by the Vindictive and departed for St. Vincent - see p. 534->

18-20 Jan 1915 passed Fernando Noronha looked in at St. Paul Rocks to see if there were any Germans in the vicinity.

21 Jan 1915 sighted a derelict, the fore-part of a schooner Wilfrid M., but was/wasn't able to sink the wooden hull, probably the work of one of the German auxiliary cruisers.

24/25 Jan 1915 arrived at St. Vincent.

28 Jan 1915 left St. Vincent, having coaled, for Gibraltar, arriving 3 Feb., and after coaling departed for Malta, arriving 7 Feb - see p 85 and p. 535->

24 Feb 1915 having undergone some repairs and granted a little leave departed to take part in the Dardanelles campaign.

26 Feb 1915 arrived at Port Tribouki, Island of Skyros - see p 68 for details of time in and around the Dardanelles - see also p. 717->

2 Mar 1915 damaged in bombardment with forts but continued with daily operations from the 4th having patched up damage on the 3rd.

27 Mar 1915 ieft for a forty-eight hours' spell at Mudros - see p. 727->

2 Apr 1915 attacked by enemy aeroplane.

3/4 Apr 1915 London and Implacable relieved the Albion and Canopus carrying out night operations in the Dardanelles - see p 728->

10 Apr 1915 departed for Malta as escort for badly damaged Inflexible, with the Talbot - see pp 13 and 70 and p. 728->

24 Apr 1915 supporting the landing of troops at Gallipoli - see p. 731->

26 Apr 1915 supporting the landing of Anzac troops at Gallipoli - see p. 732->

7 May 1915 ordered to relieve the Majestic at Helles, supporting the French - see p. 137->

18 May 1915 relieved the Queen at Anzac - see p. 138->

23 May 1915 assisted Albion who was aground and under fire off Gaba Tepe Point - see p. 140->

25 May 1915 relieved by the Vengeance and departed for Mudros.

6 Jun 1915 departed to Malta - see p. 144->

8 Jun 1915 at Malta - made good defects and gave as much leave as possible.

1 Jul 1915 departed for Mudros.

5 Jul 1915 Smyrna patrol : the blockade of the Turkish coast from Cape Kaba to Latitude 38.30, some 200 miles, including Smyrna. The base for our ships was at Port Iero in the Island of Mytelene - see p. 145-> Based at Port Iero.

23-24 Nov 1915 bombardment of Turkish positions - see p. 373->

25 Nov 1915 relieved by the Glory and prepare to go back to Mudros and from thence back to Port Iero - the rundown, prior to the withdrawal from the Dardanelles, appears to be taking place.

End of Nov 1915 there appear to be those in the RN who are still refusing to admit to a withdrawal from the Dardanelles.

2nd Dec 1915 arrived Mytelene - see p. 544->

1-7 Jan 1916 enemy agents on Mytelene rounded up - see p. 548->

27 Mar 1916 departed for Mudros - see p. 556->.

28 Mar 1916 arrived Mudros.

30 Mar 1916 departed for Malta, when a half of the boilers started to give up the ghost.

18 Apr 1916 departed from Malta for Gibraltar, having made good boilers.

23 Apr 1916 arrived Gibraltar.

28 Apr 1916 arrived Plymouth and departed the following day for Chatham where leave would be granted after having paid off on the 5 May.

5 May 1916 captain's thoughts on the ship's company - see p. 560->.

1916 Chatham as accommodation ship

1919 For Sale

From News of the World of 18 Nov 1900:
Accident to a British Battleship

A serious disaster, according to letters received at Portsmouth from the Mediterranean Squadron, was narrowly averted while the fleet was leaving Nauppia Bay for Malta.

In passing out of the harbour the battleship Canopus and the cruiser Venus came so nearly into collision that some of the battleship's boats were smashed and her deck stanchions carried away. The Canopus and the Venus are two of the newest ships in the respective classes in the squadron.