HMS Canso and HMS Canterbury

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Canso, 1813
Type: Schooner ;
Taken : 8 Feb 1813
Disposed of : 1816
BM : 225 tons

8 Feb 1813 Boats of the Maidstone, Belvidera, Junon and Statira at anchor in Lynhaven bay detached in chase of and captured the schooner Lottery, of 225 tons, and pierced for 16 guns, which afterwards became the Canso in the British service.

12 May 1813, arrived Halifax with the schooner Pictou, from Bermuda, with 5 vessels under convoy and with the mail.

11 Sep 1813 captured the American Ship Massachusetts, 70 days from Lisbon to Boston, arrived Halifax 24 Sep. NB: the London Gazette names the detaining vessel as Cansor.

23 Sep 1813, arrived Halifax.

4 Sep 1814, arrived Halifax, 7 days from Quebec.

4 Sep 1814, arrived Halifax, the brig Charlotte, from Antigua, to Greenock, taken by the US privateer Mammoth, and retaken by the Canso, only to be captured again by the US privateer Grand Turk, and to be re-captured again by the Wasp, and sent in here.

22 Sep 1814, arrived Halifax, from Castine.

11 Aug 1815, arrived Halifax, in 9 days from Bermuda, passenger John Dougan.

15 Oct 1815, arrived Halifax, in 50 hours from Boston.

22 Oct 1815, departed Halifax, the Canso, Lt. Croke, for England.