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Captivity, 1824
Type: prison ship ; late 3rd rate ; Armament -

For Convict inmates for Captivity, Ganymede, and Discovery, from 1821-1833 see National Archives volume references HO 9/1 and HO 9/3, available for free download.

Late Bellerophon (1786), renamed Captivity 1824 and converted for use as a Convict Ship.

Jan 1825 at Sheerness with about 300 convicts on board, although it is noted that she is still described as Bellerophon. The age of the prisoners was limited to 16, and those not transported were supposed to be taught a useful trade.

1830 Convict Hulk at Plymouth

25 Sep 1832 92 convicts embarked on board the convict ship Circassian, recently arrived at Plymouth, and bound for N.S.W.

Plymouth 29 May 1834 Is not to be broken up until further orders.