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Carnatic, 1783
Type: 3rd rate ; Armament 74
Launched : 1783 ; Disposal date or year : 1825

8 Aug 1796 Rear-admiral Pole, then with the 74-gun ship Carnatic, and two or three other British ships, lying at the Saintes, in the West Indies.

Between Oct 1797 & Mar 1798 Carnatic and others captured the French privateer Bien Venu on the West Indies station.

12 Feb-30 Mar 1799 captured 4 merchant vessels on the Jamaica station.

11 Nov 1800 at Jamaica the Carnatic, Capt Smith, when the packet Lady Hobart arrived.

29 Jan 1801 Sans Pareil was at Port Royal, Jamaica, with the Carnatic, Quebec, Le Prompte, Amphion, and Le Vengeance, French frigate, which had been captured by HM frigate La Seine, along with the prison ships America and Admiral de Vries when the packet Princess Amelia arrived from Martinique.

3 Mar 1801 at Port Royal, Jamaica when the Falmouth packet Princess Charlotte arrived from Martinique.

30 Mar 1801 the Sans Pareil, 80, ; Carnatic, 74, Capt Smith ; Thunderer, 74 ; York, 64 ; Abergavenny, 54 ; Apollo, Nereide, 36s ; Retribution, 32 ; Bonetta, 18 ; Merlin, Albicore, 16s ; were at Port Royal, Jamaica, when the Falmouth packet Lady Francis arrived from Martinique.

16 Oct 1801 the Falmouth packet, Princess Elizabeth, Capt Kidd, called at Jamaica, where he found HM Ships Cumberland, Abergavenny, Topaze, Circe, Cerberus, Retribution, Volage, Shark, Calypso, and Merlin, and during her stay the Carnatic, Seine, and Crescent arrived, and Capt Kidd departed Jamaica 2 Nov., with HM ship Apollo in company.

3 Nov 1801 the Falmouth packet Leicester, Steel, arrived Port Royal, Jamaica, where the Santa Margarita, Crescent, Carnatic, Retribution, Topaze, Mosquito/Musquito, and Abergavenny were present. During the Leicester's stay at Port Royal the HM ships Bourdelais, Snake, Echo, Ambuscade, Tisiphone, Calypso, Juno, Sans Pareil, Melampus, Pelican, Captain, Goliah/Goliath, Brunswick, and Elephant arrived there.

Circa 26 Dec 1801 Captain Penrose, of the Sans Pareil, to the Carnatic.

Circa 26 Dec 1801 Admiral Montagu has shifted his flag from the Carnatic to the Sans Pareil.

19 Jan 1802 arrived Spithead the Ambuscade, 36, from Jamaica. She sailed from Port Royal on the 7th of December, and left there R.-Adm. Montagu, in the Sans Pareil, with H.M. ships Carnatic, Abergavenny, Crescent, Melampus, Juno, Circe, Bourdelais, and Tisiphone.

13 May 1802 the Brunswick, Bellona, Vengeance, Orion, Defence, Edgar, Elephant, Powerful, and Carnatic departed Jamaica for England.

23 Jun 1802 arrived Plymouth, from Jamaica, the Carnatic, in company with the Orion, Bellona, Vengeance, Brunswick, after a passage of 6 weeks, the latter 4 having gone on to Portsmouth. The Defence, Edgar, Elephant, Powerful, who came home with them, have been sent to the Eastward to the River to be paid off.

27 Jun 1802 the Carnatic is reported to have gone up into Hamoaze to be paid off in the course of the next week. It is understood that she has spent 4 the last years in the West Indies, so most of her ship's company will be due a pretty penny when they are paid.

8 Jul 1802 the pay books of the Carnatic, 74, Captain Prouse, came down this day from the Navy Board to the Pay Office at this dock yard, she has had upon books during her stay in the West Indies, upwards of 1300 names, but with sickness, deaths, discharges, and desertion, her compliment was now only 550 men ; she is to be paid off this week, and each man, has seven years pay due to him, she is the richest ship paid off since the peace at this port.

12 Jul 1802 the Carnatic was paid off in Hamoaze, the crew discharged, and she was laid up in ordinary at her moorings ; the crew received seven years pay, two of the poor fellows got intoxicated at dock, and were robbed of all their property so hardly earned, and after so many years hard servitude.

May 1805 Plymouth, fitting in Ordinary