HMS Carnation

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Carnation, 1813
Type: Brig-sloop ;
Launched : 1813 ;
Disposal date or year : 1836

Portsmouth 6 Jan 1814 To take convoy to the West Indies, and will sail on Saturday.

Portsmouth 27 Jan 1814 Will sail with the convoy for the Leeward islands and Jamaica, the first fair winds.

Portsmouth 16 Feb 1814 departed with the convoy for the West-Indies, which departed from St. Helen's roads at day-light

26 Sep 1814 an attempt by the boats of the Plantagenet, Rota, and Carnation, in the road of Fayal, to cut out the American privateer schooner General-Armstrong failed, however, her own crew then destroyed the General-Armstrong by fire.

Jamaica 5 Nov 1814 Anchored in the offing last night.

Jamaica 12 Nov 1814 Remains.

23 Jun 1818, arrived St. John's, Newfoundland, in 22 days from England.

Newfoundland 8 Aug 1819 arrived from the westward.

Newfoundland 16 Aug 1819 departed for Trepassey.

Halifax 5 Dec 1819 At Bermuda.

4 Jan 1822 departed Plymouth, having been detained by the current gales.

Portsmouth 16 Jun 1825 arrived from Jamaica.

Portsmouth 18 Jun 1825 departed for Plymouth to be paid off.