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Caroline, 1795
Type: 5th rate ; Armament 38 (18-pounder)
Launched at Randall's Yard, Rotherhithe : 1795 ; Disposal date or year : 1815
Complement: 261

23 May 1798 captured the French privateer Zenodone on the Lisbon station,.

4 Oct 1798 recaptured the English ship Bird, of 10 guns and 30 men, belonging to Liverpool, bound from Liverpool to the coast of Guinea, laden with various Guinea stores, prize to President Parker privateer, off the Salvages, and sent to Madeira. Naval Chronicle p. 76 Vol. 1, 1799.

4 Oct 1798 Caroline and Flora, whilst six or seven leagues off the Salvages, chased and detained the French privateer President Parker, of 12 guns and fifty men, Citizen Ferry, commander, of Dunkirk, bound from L'Orient on a cruise; a new vessel, sails well, and belongs to the Republic, but has a letter of marque for six months. Sent to Madeira. Naval Chronicle p. 76 Vol. 1, 1799.

16 Oct 1798 captured the French lugger privateer L'Esperance, 1 gun with musquets, and 32 men, belonging to and from Santa Cruz, which was destroyed by the ship's boats at Teneriffe.

20 Oct 1798 Caroline and Flora captured the French ship Polacre privateer, Le Baret, 10 guns and 77 men, belonging to Malaga, bound from Grand Canary on a cruize, off Teneriffe : sent to Madeira.

15 Dec 1798 Lisbon, this serves to advise your Lordship, on the 4th inst., lat. 38° 45’, long. 12° observed a strange sail to windward, but the weather being hazy, and she at a great distance, I could not form a perfect idea of her being a cruizer ; and having at that time the charge of two prizes, with which I was on my way to Lisbon, I, by way of a decoy, made a signal for the same to form a line, taking care to keep the Caroline's stem towards the stranger, and I had the satisfaction in a short time to find the stratagem succeeded ; for the cruiser (as she turned out) seeing I took notice of her, chased me, and, as I before observed, the weather being hazy, she got within the superior sailing of the Caroline before she discovered her mistake ; she, however, led me a chase of four hours, in conclusion of which I had the satisfaction of securing her. She proves to be a French brig privateer ; her name La Serailleur, commanded by Captain Malbernac, out of Bourdeaux fifty-six days, .she mounts ten brass four pounders and two brass six pounders ; her complement was 82 men, but when captured had only 58 on board, the rest being dispersed in two Americans she had captured. I am, my Lord, &c. Tho. Bowen.

15 Jan 1800 sighted in lat. 37° 45'. N., long. 13° 8' W., and captured the French privateer ship Le Vautour, 22 guns, 157 men, of Nantz, after a 9 hour chase.

Circa Nov 1800 Mr. J. Meik, Clerk of the Foudroyant, appointed Purser of the Caroline frigate.

26 Dec 1800 the French brig Good Friends, from Leghorn bound to Marseilles, laden with twenty-eight long brass guns, 5 brass mortars, shot and shells; taken by the Caroline and Salamine on the Mediterranean Station.

21 Jan 1801 a French xebec privateer, of 4 six-pounders, and 24 men, from Leghorn, bound to Egypt, laden with small arms and ammunition, taken by the Caroline and Salamine on the Mediterranean Station.

1 Feb 1801 the Swedish brig Active, from Mogadore, bound to Leghorn, laden with hides &c., detained on the Mediterranean Station by the Caroline and Mutine.

16 Aug 1801 letters, as dated, from off Cadiz, received at Plymouth from an officer of the Thames, state that Rear Admiral Sir J. Saumarez, Bart, with seven sail of the line, two frigates, and a sloop of war, having refitted at Gibraltar, departed the 9th to block up Cadiz, and on the 10th ult. was joined by Commodore Tyler with 4 sail of the Baltic Fleet from Cork ; his fleet now consists of the following ships : Caesar, Warrior, Pompee, Spencer, Venerable, Superbe, Bellona, Defence, Russell, Audacious, Caroline, 44, Thames, 32, and Peterell, 18, all well equipped and in high spirits.

2 Sep 1801 Adm Pole in the St George, Dreadnought, Ramilies, Vanguard, Powerful and Zealous, arrived off Cadiz on 31 Aug., and on 2 Sep., in company with Sir James Saumarez's squadron, consisting of the Defence, Warrior, Spencer, Superb, Audacious, ships of the line ; and Caroline, Thames, frigates ; and sloop Peterell, began cruising before Cadiz. The Bellona was reported to be at Gibraltar fishing her main-mast.

1 Dec 1801 arrived Spithead the Caroline, from off Cadiz.

15 Dec 1801 at Portsmouth, the frigates Aurora, Pearl, Cleopatra and Caroline, with several gun-vessels are ordered to be paid off at this port.

20 Dec 1801 made the signal to come into Portsmouth harbour to be paid off, but remained out at Spithead.

21 Dec 1801 went into Portsmouth harbour to be paid off.

10 Feb 1802 departed Spithead to the eastward, to be paid off.

15 Feb 1802 remains in the Downs with the St Albans.

16 Feb 1802 departed the Downs for Sheerness.

18 Feb 1802 arrived Sheerness, the Caroline, Capt Bowen, from Portsmouth, last from the Downs.

19 Feb 1802 departed Sheerness for the River.

2 Feb 1803 the Caroline, Capt Page, departed Chatham for Long Reach. The Lords of the Admiralty have directed that men of war fitted out at Chatham shall take in their powder and guns &c., in Long Reach, about half way to Sheerness, instead of at Blackstakes, where they have hitherto have been brought up for that purpose.

. 2 Mar 1803 has arrived from the River and brought to at the Little Nore.

23 Mar 1803 departed the Nore.

27 Apr 1803 remain in the Downs : the Amelia, Caroline, and Minerva, frigates ; and sloop Jalouse.

5 May 1803 departed the Downs to the Westward.

Circa Sep 1803 is reported to have captured a Dutch Man of War Brig, 48 hours from the Cape of Good Hope, which she took into St Helena. The Dutchman had thrown her dispatches for Batavia, (Holland), overboard, but they remained afloat sufficiently long for the Caroline to pick them up.

5 Jan 1804 captured the French privateer Frieres Unis on the East Indies station.

4 Feb 1804 captured the French privateer General De Caen in the Indian Sea.

18 Mar 1804 the Grampus, Capt Caulfield, and the Caroline, Capt Luke, are reported to have departed Bengal for England, with a convoy of 7 ships.

May 1805 Convoy to China

18 Oct 1806 took possession of the Dutch 14-gun brig Zeerop and captured the Dutch 36-gun frigate Maria-Riggersbergen, subsequently accepted into the Service as the Java.

Jun-Sep 1807 Caroline and Psyché seek intelligence on the 2 Dutch 68-gun ships Pluto and Revolutie, during which operation the Psyché captured 3 valuable Dutch vessels.

20 Nov-11 Dec 1807 A part of a squadron under R.-adm Sir E. Pellew which entered Gressie, Dutch EI, to destroy vessels and stores.

13-27 Nov 1809 Chiffonne and Caroline, with a number of HEIC cruisers carrying troops, attacked a number of ports in the Persian Gulf which were being used as bases for piracy and destroyed vessels and stores etc.

10 May - 9 Aug 1810 Caroline, Piémontaise, Barracouta and transport Mandarin departed from Madras roads for Amboyna that was to include a naval and military expedition to take the islands of Banda-Neira, which was to include a long and difficult passage along with an extra-ordinary execution.

Madras 13 Mar 1811 departed for rendez-vous for expedition to Java.

18 Apr 1811 departed from Madras roads for the conquest of the Dutch island of Java with a convoy of troop ships, arriving 18 May at Penang.

24 May 1811 Caroline and Phaëton departed from Penang with their convoy, arriving Malacca 1 Jun, and were joined by the Illustrious : departed for High Island, where they arrived 3 Jul.

3 Aug 1811 arrived Chillingching, on the coast of Java and disembarked troops. The invasion of Java terminated with the surrender of Dutch and French forces on 16 Sep.

Portsmouth 15 Dec 1811 arrived from the East Indies, announcing the capture of Batavia.

Portsmouth 1 Jan 1812 Came into harbour.

Portsmouth 29 Oct 1812 departed for off Cherbourg