Hired tender Caroline and Brig of the same name

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Caroline, 1803
Type: Brig ; Armament 14
Taken : 1803 ; Disposal date or year : 1807

May 1803 Captured by the Doris off Ushant.

2 Aug 1803 captured the Dutch States brig De Haasje, 6, and 33 men, 30 hours from the Cape of Good Hope, with dispatches, which were reputedly recovered.

May 1805 Channel

4 Sep 1807 captured the Dutch vessel of war Cheribon ; an account of the proceeds of the head-money due will be deposited in the High Court of Admiralty, circa 27 Apr 1830 (sic).

21 Jun 1831 prize money due to be paid as a result of the capture of the Cheribon on 4 Sep 1807. [Regarding the delay over payment I can only suggest that there could have been a legal problem, or bankruptcy on the part of the original agent ?]