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Carrere / Carriere / Carrère, 1801
Type: Frigate ; Armament 36-gun
Taken : from the French on 3 Aug 1801 ;
Disposal date or year : 1 Sep 1814
BM: 1013 tons
Complement: 352

3 Aug 1801 the frigates Phœnix, Pomone, and Pearl, captured the Carrère, a Venetian-built frigate of 1013 tons sailing under French colours, when en route from Porto-Ercole to Porto-Longone, with 300 barrels of powder, and a convoy of small vessels in charge laden with ordnance-stores and provisions, which was added to the British navy as an 18-pounder 36-gun frigate and was put into service in the RN in the Mediterranean.

Circa 28 Dec 1801 Captain Maitland of the Waasener apptd to the Carrere.

24 Sep 1802 last night, after last post, arrived Spithead the Carriere, 36, Captain Maitland, from Malta, and later in the day came into Portsmouth harbour to be paid off.

8 Oct 1802 paid off at Portsmouth, and laid up in ordinary.

May 1805 Portsmouth, in Ordinary.