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Carron, 1827
Type: Packet ; Gun vessel ; Armament 2
Launched : 9 Jan 1827 ; Disposal date or year : 1877
BM: 295 tons
Propulsion: Paddle

2 Feb 1828 towed the Asia into harbour from Spithead, following her return from the Battle of Navarino.

2 May 1830 arrived Plymouth from Portsmouth.

8 Aug 1830 departed Plymouth for the Cape of Good Hope.

8 Dec 1830, arrived Plymouth, from the Mediterranean ; left Gibraltar 1 Dec, Lieut. Lapidge, in command.

Jan 1831 is fitting with guns, being the first steam boat converted into a floating battery. The guns, which are to consist of four long eighteen-pounders, and two eighteen-pounder carronades, are to be mounted on Commander Marshall's principle. Per US Journal 1831.

19 Mar 1831 arrived Falmouth, from Plymouth, with part of the 73rd Regiment.

20 Mar 1831 departed Falmouth, for Plymouth.

18 Apr 1831 departed Plymouth, for Lisbon.

2 Jun 1831 arrived Plymouth in five days from Lisbon.

29 Jun 1831 arrived Falmouth, from Plymouth.

9 Jul 1831 departed Falmouth for the Mediterranean.

26 Aug 1831 arrived Falmouth with mails from the Mediterranean and departed for Plymouth the following day.

Jan 1832 is being fitted with Bolton and Watt's improved boilers.

22 Sep 1832 was to proceed to Sheerness to refit, and from thence to Falmouth, to try her new paddle wheels, invented by Messrs Galloway and Carter.

25 Nov 1832 arrived Plymouth from Woolwich, with marines, and then departed for Milford, presumably, I would guess, having disembarked the bootnecks.

6 Dec 1832 arrived Portsmouth from the Eastward.

18 Dec 1832 departed Portsmouth for the Eastward.

25 Dec 1832 departed Falmouth with mail for Oporto and Lisbon.

27 Apr 1833 arrived Portsmouth, from Plymouth.

27 Sep 1833 fitting out at Woolwich.

1 Jan 1834 Employed on various home port services.

1 Aug 1834 preparing at Malta to sail with letters for the squadron in the Eastern Mediterranean.

29 Aug 1834 arrived Malta from the squadron at Vourla.

2 Oct 1834 Is shortly due to depart for England for repairs to be made to her engines.

12 Dec 1834 arrived Plymouth from Malta.

16 Apr 1836 arrived Portsmouth Monday from the Eastward with 70 volunteers for the various ships commissioning here and at Plymouth. Thursday embarked Royal Marines for ships serving on the north Coast of Spain and departed for Santander, after which she is expected to sail for the West Indies.

8 Aug 1839 Plymouth, Remaining in Hamoaze

22 Aug 1840 Plymouth, The Rodney was towed into the Sound by the Carron steamer.

3 Oct 1840 Portsmouth, The Vengeance, 84 attended by the Carron steam vessel, arrived on Thursday from Plymouth, and. came into harbour to be prepared for commission.

8 Oct 1840 Plymouth, the Carron steamer arrived from Portsmouth on Monday with Mr. Henderson and the party who took the Vengeance to that port.

12 Dec 1840 Plymouth, the Carron towed the Abercrombie Robinson, transport, from Deptford to Gibraltar, into harbour to be repaired.

10 Jun 1841 towed the Cornwallis out of Hamoaze to Plymouth Sound with the Avon

17 Jun 1841 in Hamoaze

26 Aug 1841 is to have her boilers inspected at Plymouth

27 Aug 1841 is ordered from Plymouth to Woolwich to have her defects made good.

28 Aug 1841 arrived at Woolwich from Plymouth, and is under orders for Bermuda, where she will be employed as a tug.

14 Sep 1841 departed from Woolwich for Portsmouth and Bermuda, to be employed as a tender to the flag ship.

1 Oct 1841 departed Spithead for Bermuda

16 Oct 1841 arrived at Lisbon.

30 Oct 1841 it is reported at Portsmouth that the Carron had been driven in to Lisbon by bad weather, and would continue on her passage to the West Indies when she had made good damage caused by the bad weather.

7 Dec 1841 arrived at Bermuda from England.

04 Dec 1842 towed the Illustrious at Bermuda, before being relieved by the steam mail boat Tweed.

20 Dec 1848 used as a Breakwater at Harwich

1860 Breakwater, Harwich.

1870 Breakwater, Harwich.