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Carteret, 1800
Type: Cutter ;

Circa 1 Sep 1800 Lt Alt, late of the Royal William, is appointed to the Carteret cutter.

14 May 1801 arrived Spithead the Carteret cutter, Lieut Alt, with one of the Chouan Generals on board, from Marcou (off Cape la Hogue).

2 Aug 1801 in company with the cutter Champion departed Portsmouth to Marcou with fresh provisions.

9 Aug 1801 a letter received from the Maidstone advises that the cutter Cartwright, Lt Alt takes a message from Capt Price, Gov of Marcou, to Capt Donnelly of the Maidstone, off Cherbourg, advising him of French vessel movements at Le Havre and in the River Caen. NB There isn't a vessel with the name Cartwright, but, what with the name of her commanding officer, and the name being similar, I'm sure it should be Carteret, and the name misheard or something.

26 Aug 1801 arrived Spithead from Marcou.

17 Nov 1801 arrived Spithead, from Guernsey.

13-15 Sep 1803 bombardment of Granville, on the French coast.

16 Mar 1804 departed Spithead for Guernsey, the Carteret cutter, Lieut Ross.