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Cassandra, 1916
Type: Light Cruiser ; Armament 5 x 6" ; 2 x 3" AA etc.
Launched : 1916 ; Disposal date or year : 1918
Displacement: 4120 tons


Early July 1917 went aground off Fair Isle - see p. 642

4-5 Dec 1918 mined in the Baltic - see p. 644

DNS 7 Dec 1918
British Warship Sunk in the Baltic
The Secretary of the Admiralty announced last night: HMS Cassandra (Captain E. C. Kennedy R.N.) struck a mine in the Baltic just before midnight on the 4th inst. (Wednesday), and sank at 1 am on the following morning.

Eleven men are missing, presumably killed by the explosion. All the remainder of the officers and crew were saved by our destroyers. The next of kin of the missing men have been informed.