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Castor, 1785
Type: 5th rate ; Armament 32
Launched at Harwich : 1785 ; Disposal date or year : 1819
Displacement : 681 tons (BM)
Complement : 217

Jun 1793 Castor and Mermaid captured a French privateer, Name unknown, on the Mediterranean station.

8 May 1794 Captured by Admiral Nielly's squadron, off Cape Clear ; Captain Thos. Troubridge. On the 19 May M. Villaret was joined by the Patriote from M. Nielly's squadron, with information that he had been so lucky as to fall in with and capture the Castor, along with the chief part of a convoy from Newfoundland, which the frigate had in charge.

29 May 1794 28-gun frigate Carysfort, Captain Francis Laforey, fell in with and recaptured the French (late British) 32-gun frigate Castor, Captain L'Huillier, along with some of her former crew. This capture brought about the famous legal case in the High Court of Admiralty as to whether the Admiralty was liable to pay for the prize, she not having visited a French port since being captured.

5 Oct 1795 a squadron under Rear-admiral Mann, including the Castor, departed from San-Fiorenzo in pursuit of a French squadron returning from Toulon to Brest ; but too late !

Oct 1796 in harbour at Plymouth, used in the attempt to raise the Amphion, which had blown-up in the harbour.

1 Jan 1799 Capt. E. L. Gower. Fitting at Plymouth.

13 Feb 1799 Plymouth, went into dock.

22 Mar 1799 Plymouth, a midshipman of the Castor frigate was brought to the Royal Naval Hospital, a most miserable object, having been blown up by a priming horn with glazed powder, which scorched his face dreadfully, and mutilated both hands.

27 Mar 1799 Plymouth, departed on a cruise.

21 Oct 1799 departed St John's, Newfoundland, with a convoy for Lisbon.

26 Dec 1799 captured the Spanish privateer Sta. Levirata y Aninimas, 2 guns, 38 men, off Oporto.

28 Feb 1800 departed Spithead, to relieve the Concorde, cruising off Havre de Grace.

19 Apr 1800 departed Spithead, the Topaze for the station off Havre, to relieve the Castor.

26 Apr 1800 arrived Spithead, from off Havre de Grace.

2 May 1800 a Court Martial was held on board the Gladiator, at Portsmouth, for the trial of John M'Kenny, a seaman belonging to the Castor, for striking the Boatswain's Mate. The Court being of opinion that the charge had not been proved against the prisoner, he was acquitted.

2 Jul 1800 departed Spithead, to Cowes, with the Endymion, and Topaze.

10 Sep 1800 passed by Plymouth, up the Channel with the Oporto convoy all well.

15 Oct 1800 departed Spithead, with the Proselyte for Jersey.

17 Nov 1800 arrived Spithead, from Jersey.

16 Jan 1801 arrived Spithead with the Jason and Harpy, from a cruise. The Castor reports that she sprung a bad leak when about 200 leagues from land, and it became a case of all hands to the pumps, including all the officers.

23 Mar 1801 went out of harbour to Spithead having been repaired.

6 Apr 1801 departed Spithead in company with the Porcupine, Camel (store-ship), and the Plover with a large and valuable convoy for the West Indies.

11 Apr 1801 arrived Torbay with her convoy of 125 sail, and will remain, the wind W.N.W.

16 Apr 1801 was observed passing the port of Plymouth with her convoy, to the Westward, from Torbay. Although it should perhaps be noted that a small number of vessels from her convoy ended up going ashore in Torbay when the wind increased and went about, a few days previously.

7 Oct 1801 the Castor, Capt Hale, was observed at Plymouth, passing up the Channel last night, en route from the West Indies to Spithead with a convoy.

26 Jul 1802 orders came down this day for the following ships to proceed for Portsmouth, to be paid off, on their arrival from the West Indies, if they should put in here [Plymouth] by contrary winds : Leviathan, flag-ship, Excellent, Magnificent, Cumberland, Audacious, Goliath, Ganges, and Elephant, 74 each, Severn, 44, Emerald, 36, Decide, 44, Venus ,36, Andromeda, 36, Castor, 32, Heureux, 14, and Drake, 18.

24 Sep 1802 this morning arrived Spithead the Andromeda, 36, Captain Fielding, from Martinico. She departed from Port Royal the 21st of August, where she left the Excellent, Commodore Stopford ; Severn, Captain Barker ; the Castor, Venus, and Thalia frigates ; and Drake sloop of war.

8 Jan 1803 per letter from the Centaur at Barbadoes, the Blenheim, Excellent, Heureux, Thalia, Asp, and Netley were lying here. The deaths of Lieuts Bruce and Withers of the Emerald, and Lieut Grindall of the Castor, have recently taken place. The latter has departed for Antigua, from whence she'll depart for England.

25 Feb 1803 the Falmouth packet Princess Elizabeth which arrived Falmouth in 39 days from Barbadoes reports that the following vessels remained at Barbadoes, the Blenheim, Ulysses, and Heureux, when she departed for England, with the Excellent and Castor arriving Barbadoes as she departed.

7 Mar 1803 arrived Spithead this morning, the Castor, Commodore Stopford, Capt Peacocke, from Antigua.

14 Mar 1803 came into Portsmouth harbour.

17 Mar 1803 the Castor's ship's company is to assist the Russell's ship's company in getting the ship rigged.

Circa 29 Aug 1803 Capt Brace apptd in command of the Castor at Portsmouth.

Circa 17 Oct 1803 has gone out of Portsmouth harbour to Spithead.

21 Oct 1803 has departed Spithead to be a floating battery at Liverpool.

10 Jun 1804 the Castor arrived Spithead from Liverpool, to be fitted for Channel Service.

20 Jun 1804 departed Spithead, with a convoy for the Downs.

25 Aug 1804 departed from the Downs for the Coast of France, the Monarch, Capt Searle, with the Castor frigate and several bombs and gun brigs.

May 1805 Sheerness.

12-17 Apr 1809 a part of a British squadron, off the Saintes, West Indies, which chased a French squadron, and captured the French 74-gun d'Haupoult of 1871 tons, and, under the name of Abercromby, cruised for three or four years in the British service. 1 May 1835 a portion of the prize money resulting from this action due for payment : namely a dividend from the estate of the bankrupt agent Henry Abbott's : no doubt one of the many fraudsters who ripped off matelots in those days : officers and ratings being fair game.

15 Dec 1809 departed from Basse-terre, Guadeloupe, with a small squadron in search of a French sqadron reported to be in the area. In subsequent days was joined by 2 sloops and 2 frigates.

17 Dec 1809 the French ships Loire and Seine were sighted and anchored under a shore battery in a cove at Arise la Basque, where the British squadron was joined by the Sceptre, 74. The French ships were subsequently engaged and destroyed on the 18th.

9 Feb 1810 a part of a British squadron at Basse-terre which discovered the French frigate Néréide off the port and proceeded in chase.

14 Jan 1814 Captured l'Heureux. Condemned 22 May 1830. Pronounced to have been a vessel of war with 25 men on board.

17 Jun 1812 arrived Spithead from Jamaica.

14 Oct 1812 departed Spithead for Gibraltar, with specie.

21 Oct 1812 departed Lymington for the Cape of Good Hope.

27 Oct 1812 arrived Torbay from Spithead, and remains with several brigs, coasters, &c., bound to the westward.

28 Oct 1812 departed Torbay on a cruise.

22 Jun 1813 captured the French privateer Fortune off Catalonia.

22 Jan 1814 captured French privateer Le Minuit ; account of head-money deposited at the High Court of Admiralty, on or before the 10th of September 1832.

25 Jan 1814 captured the French privateers Heureux and Minuit off Barcelona.

7 Aug 1814 assisting in the clearance of English property at Minorca.

13 Jan 1815 remains at Gibraltar.

20 Mar 1815, reported to be at Bermuda.

24 Jun 1815 departed Spithead to Ostend, for sick, wounded and prisoners.

25 Jun 1815 arrived Deal from Spithead.

26 Jun 1815 embarked French prisoners of war, presumably from Waterloo, at Deal and departed to Spithead.

28 Jun 1815 departed Spithead with French prisoners bound for Plymouth.

22 May 1830 Prize money due on the capture of l'Heureux in 1814, now payable.