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Centaur, 1797
Type: 3rd rate ; Armament 74
Launched : 1797 ; Disposal date or year : 1819

7 Nov 1798 a part of a squadron which arrived this day for the invasion of Minorca.

13 Nov 1798 off Minorca the Leviathan, Centaur, and Argo, along with some armed transports, chase a fast disappearing Spanish squadron, but re-capture the late British sloop Peterel, taken the previous day.

19 Nov 1798, off Minorca, with the Leviathan, Calcutta, Ulysses, Argo, Cormorant, Aurora, Peterell, and cutter Constitution, Lt. Whiston, in support of the Army during the capture of Minorca. See also the Naval Chronicle pp. 77-80 Vol. 1, 1799.

2 Feb 1799 captured the Spanish privateer La Vierga de Rosario, 14 guns, 90 men, on the Mediterranean station.

At Sea, 16 Feb 1799. I have the honour to inform you, that in obedience to your orders I proceeded to Sallo Bay in his Majesty's ship under my command, after the Spanish frigates, and having been joined by the Cormorant alone, of the squadron under Capt. Bowen, I at length, after beating against heavy gales of wind from the 28th January till the 9th February, reached Sallo Bay, in which I found twenty-one Swedish and Danish merchantmen, but no men of war had been in sight of SalIo since the 2d of February. Having looked into Fangel Bay and Tarragona, also where Lord M. Kerr, in the Cormorant, took a Tartan, and drove another on shore, I proceeded towards Majorca, and at daylight the Cormorant took a settee laden with oil, and I chased two large xebecs and a settee, all privateers in the Royal Spanish service; one of which. La Vierga de Rosario, I captured at two o'clock, mounting fourteen brass twelve pounders and ninety men, the other two escaped by the wind shifting at dark when within shot. The same night the Aurora joined and proceeded for Tarragona, in consequence of intelligence I received of two Spanish frigates being bound there with Swiss troops from Palma. On the 15th I fell in with the Argo and Leviathan, and the next morning stood is for Sallo Bay. Finding the frigates were not in the neighbourhood, I attacked the town of Cambrelles, and the Spaniards having quitted their guns on a tower, sent the boats in under Lieut Grosset, of the Centaur, who, after dismountlng the guns, burnt and captured per margin ; La Velon Maria was taken in the offing, from Aguilas bound to Barcelona. The Proserpine frigate, consort to the Santa Teresa, taken by the Argo, after having escaped to Palamor, has since, I am informed by Capt. Bowen, hauled close into the Bar of Barcelona, I have, &c. &c. John Markham."

30 May 1799 joined the fleet in the Mediterranean off the Spanish coast.

3 Jun 1799 brief action off Toulon.

19 Jun 1799 with the advanced division of the Mediterranean fleet, captured the French vessels Junon, Alceste, Courageuse, Salamine and Alerte, which were purchased into the Service, Junon being renamed Princess Charlotte.

12 Oct 1799 Plymouth, arrived from Torbay, to refit.

Circa Jan 1800 Lieutenant Rickhell, of the Centaur, is promoted to the rank of Commander, and appointed to the Prince William armed ship.

24 Apr 1800 Torbay, the Channel Fleet, under the command of Sir Alan Gardner, departed, viz. Ville de Paris, Barfleur, Glory, London, Neptune, St George, Temeraire, Windsor Castle, Ajax, Achilles, Cumberland, Canada, Captain, Centaur, Defence, Defiance, Elephant, Excellent, Hector, Impetueux, Marlborough, Ramilies, Resolution, Robust, Russel, Saturn, Superb, Terrible, Venerable, Warrior, Sheerness, Amelia, Sea Horse, Thames, and Havick.

15 Jun 1800 Plymouth, arrived with the Marlborough,74, from the fleet, having run foul of each other last Tuesday off the Black Rock ; the Marlborough sprung her fore-mast, and the Centaur had her bowsprit carried away.

21 Aug 1800 Plymouth, went into Cawsand Bay having repaired her damages in running foul of the Marlborough.

30 Aug 1800 Plymouth, departed with the Atlas, 98, to join the Channel fleet.

19 Oct 1800 Plymouth, arrived with the Neptune, 98, Temeraire, 98, and Atlas, 98, from Earl St. Vincent's fleet, the Centaur having sprung her foremast and bowsprit in a gale.

26 Oct 1800 Plymouth, departed with the Neptune, and Temeraire, 98s, to join the Channel Fleet.

11 Nov 1800 Plymouth, arrived from the coast of France, having sprung her main-mast. She Centaur spoke the Perseus, 32, with the Straits fleet all well, off the Lizard, on Monday last.

28 Nov 1800 Plymouth, departed for the Channel Fleet, but fell in with Admiral Parker, who ordered him to Torbay to wait for orders.

11 Jan 1801 arrived Torbay from the Channel Fleet.

19 Jan 1801 departed Torbay for the Channel Fleet.

24 Jan 1801 arrived Plymouth Sound the the Bernstorff and Rodercken, Danish galliots, with bale goods and nuts, detained by the Centaur, of 74 guns, Captain Markham.

26 Jan 1801 arrived Plymouth the Danish vessel Stork, from Bremen to Gijon, sent in by the Centaur.

6 Mar 1801 per letter written off the Black Rocks, on the French Coast, reports that the squadron was all well.

10 Mar 1801 Cambridge ran foul of the Mars off the Black Rocks, on the French Coast.

14 Mar 1801 letters received at Plymouth from the Centaur, dated the 6th instant, state, the Black Rock squadron were all well on that day.

19 Mar 1801 arrived Cawsand Bay the Centaur and the Excellent from the Black Rock squadron, off Ushant, to victual and refit, which they left the 16th all well, at which period there were twenty-one sail of the line and fifteen frigates in the outer road, the Spanish ships were in the inner road with yards and top-masts struck.

25 Mar 1801 paid wages and prize-money in Cawsand Bay.

27 Mar 1801 remains in Cawsand Bay.

1 Apr 1801 departed Cawsand Bay with the Excellent to join the Channel Fleet.

14 Apr 1801 arrived Cawsand Bay with the loss of her main and main-top-mast, in being ran foul of in the night of the 10th instant, off the Black Rocks, by the Mars, of 74 guns, Rear-Admiral Thornborough. Two men were killed and four wounded by the falling of the main mast. She rigged up a jury main-mast, and bore away for this port.

19 Apr 1801 arrived Cawsand Bay this forenoon with the Mars in tow of the Centaur which carried away her head, bowsprit, fore-mast and main topmast, on the 10th, by running foul of the Centaur off the Black Rocks. She had, nearly been on shore among the shoals of the Isle of Bas, but being moderate weather, the got off the land in safety.

20 Apr 1801 got in her new mainmast in Cawsand Bay.

29 Apr 1801 a Court Martial was held on board his Majesty's ship Cambridge, flag ship in Hamoaze, on Captain Lloyd, of the Mars, and Lieutenants Burnet and Davis, of the Centaur, for those ships running foul of each other, off the Black Rocks, in the night of the 10th ult. when the Court honourably acquitted Captain Lloyd and Lieutenant Burnet, and sentenced Lieutenant Davis, of the Centaur, to lose 6 months rank, and be dismissed from HM ship Centaur.

1 May 1801 departed Cawsand Bay to join the Channel Fleet.

2 Sep 1801 came into Plymouth Sound from the Rochefort squadron to refit.

8 Sep 1801 went up into Plymouth harbour to be docked.

21 Sep 1801 T.W. Whitford, Coroner for Devon, took an inquest on the body of a seaman, of the Centaur, who cut his throat so dreadfully as to expire on his arrival at the Royal Hospital. Verdict Lunacy.

29 Oct 1801 went out of harbour yesterday, the Centaur, Capt B R Littlehales, and anchored in the Sound, and today dropped down to Cawsand Bay and anchored.

4 Nov 1801 departed Cawsand Bay, the Hercule, and Centaur to join the fleet in Torbay.

17 Nov 1801 Admiral Sir A. Mitchell made the signal for unbending sails, which was followed by the fleet, therefore it is supposed the squadron which consists of the following ships will winter near Beerhaven, in Bantry Bay, viz. Windsor Castle, Temeraire, Barfleur, Princess Royal, Formidable, Atlas, Namur, Majestic, Resolution, Vengeance, Malta, of 84 guns, Centaur.
The Glory, had put into Cork, and the Juste, had not joined. Provisions were plenty : a fat sheep nine shillings, Geese one shilling each, eggs two-pence per dozen, and fish and game to be had in great abundance.

6 Dec 1801 letters received Plymouth this day from the Namur, dated the 26th ult. state, that the fleet off Beerhaven were all well, and that the following ships had been victualled for five months, and were to sail soon with sealed orders, viz. Temeraire, Windsor Castle, Resolution, Vengeance, Majestic, and Centaur. Their destination is supposed for Jamaica.

29 Dec 1801 this evening anchored at St Helen's, IoW, on arrival from Bantry Bay, with the squadron under the command of V.-Adm. Sir A. Mitchell, with a view to trying the mutineers from the Squadron.

14 Jan 1802 Pursuant to an order from the Lords Commissioners of the Admiralty, a Court-Martial was held this day, on board the Gladiator in Portsmouth harbour, for the trial of the following persons for Mutiny on board in Bantry Bay, viz.
John Allen, George Dixon, Edward Taylor, James Riley, George Comayne, Thomas Simmonds.
Following the trial the prisoners were put to the bar, and the Judge Advocate, in the same form as upon the last trial, read the Sentence, declaring Allen, Taylor, Dixon, Riley and Simmonds, guilty of the charges against them, and awarding judgment of Death ; and Comayne in part Guilty, and ordering him to receive 200 lashes.
19 Jan 1802 in the morning, Taylor, Allen, Dixon, Riley, and Simmonds were executed, agreeably to the above sentence. The three former suffered on board the Achille, and the two latter on board the Centaur.
[Regret that in view of the length of the transcript I'm unable to include the details of the trial. See page 80 of Vol 7 of the Naval Chronicle for 1802.]

22 Jan 1802 the Barfleur, Capt Ommaney ; Malta, Capt Bertie ; Centaur, Capt Littlehales ; Achilles, (sic) Capt Wallis ; Doris, Capt Brisbane., are under orders to depart Spithead for Torbay.

7 Feb 1802 departed Spithead, the Barfleur, 98, R.-Adm. Collingwood, Capt Ommaney ; Glory, 98, Capt Wells ; Malta, 84, Capt Bertie ; Achille, 74, Capt Wallis ; Canada, 74, Capt York ; Centaur, 74, Capt Littlehales ; and Doris, 36, Capt Brisbane, to Torbay, to join the Channel Fleet.

10 Feb 1802 put back to St Helen's the Barfleur, Glory, and Centaur, due to contrary winds, the remainder of the squadron having arrived at Torbay.

11 Feb 1802 departed St Helen's the Barfleur, Glory and Centaur, for Torbay.

12 Feb 1802 re-joined the squadron at Torbay.

14 Mar 1802 remains in Cawsand Bay.

20 Apr 1802 departed Torbay for Plymouth, to be paid off.

22 Apr 1802 came into Hamoaze from Torbay, the Achille, Centaur, and Belleisle, 84, to be paid off, all standing, and to be recommissioned again directly, manned by volunteers.

27 Apr 1802 the Achille, 84 ; Centaur, 74 ; Courageux, 74 ; and Belleisle, 84, were paid off all standing at Plymouth ; the crews discharged. 2 May 1802 recommissioned, the same Captains and Officers are re-appointed.

16 May 1802 Rear Admiral Dacres also hoists his flag at the mizen of the Centaur, 74, at Plymouth.

17 May 1802 this forenoon four Captain's parties of Royal Marines, consisting of a Captain, two Lieutenants, and 60 privates, embarked on board the Belleisle, 84, Achille, 84, Courageaux, 74, and Centaur, 74, but seamen enter very slowly, as their money is not yet expended.

24 May 1802 Admiral Sir T. Paisley, Bart, strikes his flag at the main of the Belleisle, 84, and set off for London. He is to be succeeded in the command at this port by Rear Admiral Dacres, whose flag as Rear Admiral of the White is flying at the mizen of the Centaur, 74, Captain Littlehales. The men of war then, shifted the blue ensigns to St. George's colours, in compliment to Rear-Admiral Dacres, Commander in Chief of the Navy at this port ; remains in Hamoaze.

20 Jul 1802 orders received for the following men of war, fitting for sea in Hamoaze, as soon as their crews are completed to their peace establishments, to go into the Sound, and to be victualled for four months, viz Centaur 74, Rear Admiral Dacres, Captain Littlehales ; Courageux, 74, Captain Hardy ; Belleisle, 84, Captain Whitby ; Fisgard, 48, Captain Wallis ; Hussar, 36, Captain P. Wilkinson ; Carysfort, 32, Captain Munday ; Sirius, 36, Captain Prouse.

27 Aug 1802 Earl St. Vincent, and the Lords Commissioners of the Admiralty inspected the Centaur, 74, Rear-Admiral Dacres, she manned ship and fired a salute of nineteen guns.

28 Aug 1802 the two Boards of the Admiralty and Navy visited the Sound and Cawsand Bay and on passing through the Narrows of Devil's Point, and Mount Edgcumbe the Centaur, Courageux, Hussar, Sirius, and Carysfort manned ship and fired a 19 gun salute.

10 Sep 1802 a Court Martial was held on board the Centaur, at Plymouth, on Lieutenant Buchannon, first of the Peterell, for leaving the deck at sea during his watch, and disobedience of orders. The charges being proved he was sentenced to be dismissed the service. Capt. Darby, President.

13 Sep 1802 a Court Martial was held on board the Centaur, in Hamoaze, Commodore Danby, of the Spencer, of 74 guns, President, J. Liddel, Esq. Judge Advocate ; Lieut. Cannon, of the Peterell, of 18 guns, Capt. Lambon, was tried for neglect of duty on various occasions, and the charges being fully proved, the President and Court sentenced him to be dismissed his Majesty's service.

27 Sep 1802 a Court Martial was held on board the Centaur, in Hamoaze, for the trial of three of the mutineers of the Albanaise, of 18 guns, Captain Newcombe, charged with being concerned in mutinously rising on the officers, and carrying the ship into a Spanish port in the Mediterranean, last year, and selling her and her stores to the enemy. After the evidence for the prosecution was gone through, and the prisoner's defence read to the Court, and it appearing that P. Kennedy was the principal ringleader, he was remanded for trial separately, one seaman was acquitted, and one sentenced to receive 300 lashes from ship to ship.

5 Oct 1802 a Court Martial was held on board the Centaur, in Hamoaze, for the trial of Patrick Kennedy, seaman, of the Albanaise, of 18 gun, Capt. Newcombe, for assisting in a mutinous manner to run away with the said ship, and selling her and her stores to the Spaniards. The charges being fully proved, he was sentenced by the Court to be hung at the fore-yard-arm, of such ship as the Lords of the Admiralty shall direct and appoint in the harbour. He was immediately committed to the custody of the Provost Marshal for security.

16 Oct 1802 this morning at 8 o'clock, the signal of the yellow flag for an execution was made at the fore of the Centaur, 74, Rear Admiral Dacres, it was repeated on board the Hussar, 36, Captain Wilkinson; a procession of all the boats of the fleet, manned and armed, rowed alongside the Hussar in Hamoaze, after some time spent in prayer with Father Flyn, a Roman Catholic Priest, and having received extreme unction, Henry Kennedy, the prisoner, attended by the Provost Martial with a drawn sword, ascended the gangway, and walked with a firm step to the platform, where acknowledging the justness of the sentence, the fatal bow gun fired, and he was launched into eternity at the larboard fore-yard arm : after hanging one hour, he was lowered into a shell, and conveyed to the Royal Naval Hospital for interment. He was a fine young man of 24 years old, and a native of Ireland, and was at the time of being discovered as a mutineer, confined in Bridewell for a robbery, being sentenced to six months imprisonment ; he has left his prize money, which is considerable, between Mr Ford, Keeper of the Bridewell, and W. Swete, Sheriffs Officer for the County of Devon.

Circa 20 Oct 1802 Lieutenant Brown, late of the Centaur, is promoted to the rank of Commander.

24 Oct 1802 orders received at Plymouth to open a rendezvous on the Barbican, to enter volunteer able, and ordinary seamen for the navy.

25 Oct 1802 this morning was opened at the Crown and Anchor. In the Barbacan (Barbican), the rendezvous ordered yesterday, by Lieutenant R. Pridham, of the Centaur, 74, Rear Admiral Dacres ; and posting bills stuck up over the three towns, to invite seamen to enter.

28 Oct 1802 it blew so hard at Plymouth at S.W. in the night, that signals were made from the Centaur, 74, Rear Admiral Dacres, in Hamoaze, to the fleet, to strike yards and topmasts.

30 Oct 1802 by signal from the Centaur, all the launches of the fleet based at Plymouth attended at Mutton Cove, and conveyed the 26th, or Cameronian regiment of foot, on board the Glenmore, 36, Oiseau, 36, and Escort Gun-brig.

5 Nov 1802 being the anniversary of the gunpowder plot, was observed as usual, the bells rang the whole day, the royal standard was hoisted at Government House, all the public offices, and on board the Centaur, 74, Rear-Admiral Dacres ; at noon a royal salute was fired from the citadel, the battery at Mount Wise, and from all the fleet in Harbour, the Sound, and Hamoaze.

9 Nov 1802 is ordered to go into Cawsand Bay to wait orders.

10 Nov 1802 R.-Adm. Dacres shifted his flag from the Centaur, 74, to the Courageux, 74, Captain O. Hardy.

11 Nov 1802 bending courses and sails prior to going into Cawsand Bay.

11 Nov 1802 the men of the Courageux were turned over to the Centaur to complete her complement : her dispatches are hourly expected.

11 Nov 1802 has taken in four months of provisions and water at Plymouth ; her dispatches arrived at four P.M.

12 Nov 1802 Lt Pridham, of the Centaur, departing for foreign waters, was replaced by Lt Campion, of the Courageux, at the Barbican rendezvous, in Plymouth.

13 Nov 1802 moved down to Cawsand Bay to wait for orders.

15 Nov 1802 so peremptory were the orders to man the Centaur at Plymouth that the Belleisle, 84, Captain Whitby, and Courageux, 74, were stripped of even the barges crew.

15 Nov 1802 the Centaur, Capt Littlehales, has been paid three months advance of wages in Cawsand Bay, and is now lying at a single anchor, being unable to sail due to contrary winds : she carries sealed orders and dispatches.

18 Nov 1802 departed Cawsand Bay to the westward.

29 Dec 1802 a letter of this date reports the arrival of the Centaur at Barbadoes in 6 weeks from Plymouth, and that after storing with wood and water she was to sail for Jamaica to relieve a ship of the line.

5 Jan 1803 when the Falmouth packet Leicester arrived at Barbadoes, the Blenheim, Centaur, Excellent, Thalia, Gauchapin, and schooner Netley were lying there.

27 Apr 1803 arrived Barbadoes, with Gen Grinfield who has been inspecting all the islands.

1 May 1803 arrived Barbadoes from Trinidad, the sloop Hornet, with Commodore Hood, who came immediately hearing of the probability of hostilities, and shifted his pendant to the Centaur. Midshipman T Allen of the Centaur is reported to have died.

12 May 1803 a further letter, as dated, reports that the Centaur, Argo, Emerald, Heureux, Cyane, Osprey, Gauchapin, Drake, Netley, and L'Eclair are now gone to Martinique, and the Venus and Hornet cruise off Guadaloupe.

Circa 14 Jul 1803 per a letter received from the Centaur it is reported that the Cyane joined the Centaur at Barbadoes with 2 French transports she'd detained, and 375 troops, and ordnance stores for Martinico. Since then the Chichester has arrived at Barbadoes from Spithead with the Royals. The Centaur also reports the deaths of Lt Mowatt, of the Ulysses ; Mids Willer and Child, and Mr Archdeacon, purser of the Emerald ; and Mid Cole of the Blenheim. Lt Woolcombe of the Argo has been apptd to the Centaur ; Lt K Nowseley of the Ulysses to the Argo ; Mid Edwards of the Centaur to the Ulysses ; Mr Clewlow, purser of the Ulysses apptd to the Emerald ; Mr Bead, purser of the Cyane, to the Ulysses ; Mr Scott, clerk of the Ulysses, to be purser of the Cyane ; Mid Compton of the Centaur, promoted Lieut., and apptd to the Blenheim ; Mid Finchley of the Argo promoted Lieut, and apptd to the Cyane.

Circa 8 Aug 1803 Capt M Maxwell promoted post Capt and to the Centaur in command vice Littlehales.

21 Jun 1803 a part of a squadron which landed troops at Saint Lucie in order to recover the Island from the French. On the 31st arrived at Tobago which island was also soon re-taken.

Circa 1 Sep 1803 the Centaur, with passengers Gen Grinfield, and Commodore Hood, departed Barbadoes in company with the Chichester, Heureux, Alligator, and Netley, with the 1st Battn of the Royals ; and the 7th West Indian Regt, against Demerara.

26 Nov 1803 off Martinique : see London Gazette of 28 Jan 1804.

Circa 3 Dec 1803 in the West Indies Lieuts Ayscough and Domett, of the Blenheim, apptd to the Centaur. Mr Brand of the Centaur, promoted Lieut., and apptd to the Blenheim.

Circa 3 Dec 1803 Midshipman Forster of the Centaur promoted Lieut and apptd to the Chichester.

12 Dec 1803 the Centaur, Commodore Hood, Capt Maxwell, and the Gauchapin, and Vigilant tender, Lieut Dommett, arrived Barbadoes with the Sophie French privateer of 6 guns and 68 men, which had taken 11 prizes. She was chased for 13 hours by the Centaur, during which time she had thrown all her guns overboard and started to cut her gunwhales down.

12 Dec 1803 the following recent deaths of Naval officers in the West Indies have been reported at Barbadoes :
Lieut Evans of the Ulysses, at Trinidad ; Lieut Boyd of the Marines, of the Blenheim, off Martinique ; Mr Adams, purser, and Mr Brown, midshipman, of the Hippomenes ; and Mr Adams, the Commissioner's first clerk ; Mr Blackmore, and Mr Phillips, midshipmen of the Centaur ; At Prince Rupert's Bay, Lieut Holmes, on half pay of the Navy ; At Antigua, Lieut Marshall, of the Gauchapin.

Circa 17 Dec 1803 Messrs Dean, Crawford, Evans, Woodman and Goodridge of the Centaur, promoted Lieutenants.

Circa 17 Dec 1803 Lieut Woolcombe of the Centaur, promoted and apptd to take command of the sloop Hippomenes.

Circa 17 Dec 1803 Lieut Antridge of the Centaur, apptd to the schooner Netley.

Circa 17 Dec 1803 Mr W Dean of the Centaur, apptd to be a Lieut of the sloop Hippomenes.

Late 1803 - Jan 1804 setting up of the Diamond Rock as a small fortress / depot.

3 Feb 1804 the ship's boats cut out the French brig-corvette Curieux from Carénage, Fort-Royal harbour, Martinique, taken into the Service without a change of name.

8 Apr 1804 2,000 men embark at Barbadoes on HM ships Centaur, Pandour, Serapis, Alligator, Hippomenes, Drake, schooner Unique and transports, for Surinam, and arrive off the mouth of the Surinam on the 25-26 Apr 1804.

25 Apr 1804 seamen and the Army landed to take Surinam, which was surrendered on 5 May.

Circa 19 May 1804 Lieut J W Maurice of the Centaur, promoted Commander, and apptd in command of the Diamond Rock sloop.

Circa 14 Jul 1804 per letters received at Portsmouth from an officer in Commodore Hood's squadron at Barbadoes it has been reported that Lieut J E Smith of the Centaur had been Court Martialled for murdering a seaman when attempting to impress him. Was acquitted, it being deemed that he acted in self defence.

Circa 4 Aug 1804 Capt Shipley, made Post Capt and apptd to the Centaur.

Circa 4 Aug 1804 Lieut King, of the Centaur apptd to the command of the Drake.

Circa 4 Aug 1804 Lieut Henderson, of the Centaur apptd to the command of the Cuacharson.

May 1805 Leeward Islands Commodore (Captain) Samuel Hood

4 Jan 1806 Sir R. Strachan's squadron fitting for the West Indies at Plymouth. 14th the squadron departed from Cawsand Bay for St.-Helena in search of a French squadron under R.-adm Willaumez.

14-16 Jul 1806 the ships' boats from the Prince-of-Wales, Centaur, Conqueror, Monarch, Revenge, and Polyphemus, along with 3 boats each from the Indefatigable and Iris, capture the French 16-gun brig-corvette César from the R. Gironde.

25 Sep 1806 with a squadron under Commod. Sir Samuel Hood, off Rochefort, when a squadron of French frigates, bound to the West Indies, escaped : the signal for a general chase was given, resulting in the Armide striking to the Centaur ; Minerve to the Monarch ; Infatigable to the Mars, who also chased the Gloire, and at 3 P.M. compelled her to surrender, all 4 frigates being added to the Royal Navy.

Torbay 29 Dec 1806 arrived from Portsmouth and remains.

26 Jul 1807 departed as a part of a fleet of 38 vessels for Copenhagen and was present from 15 Aug - 20 Oct 1807 for the siege and bombardment of Copenhagen and capture of Danish Fleet by Adm. Gambier.

24 Dec 1807 occupation of the island of Madeira.

May - Oct 1808 in the Baltic with a fleet under V.-adm Sir J Saumarez.

20 Aug 1808. Centaur and Implacable arrived and anchored in company with the Swedish fleet in Oro roads and were subsequently in action with the Russian fleet, and blockading the Russians in the port of Rogerswick.

24 June 1811 Reported to be off Toulon.

28 May 1812 Repulse, Centaur, Malta, and Kent, a part of the in-shore squadron off Toulon.

18 Aug 1812 With the Fleet off Toulon.

Plymouth 3 Oct 1812 Came in from off Toulon. [Probably put in quarantine].

Plymouth 13 Oct 1812 arrived.

Plymouth 11 Jan 1813 Remains.

Portsmouth 2 May 1813 Put back to St. Helen's.

26 May 1813 salvage received from the owners on the recapture of the two Spanish vessels El Correv Diligente de Carraccas and Nostra Senora de los Desemperados, [per London Gazette of 22 Jun 1821].

Portsmouth 4 Sep 1813 arrived from a cruise off the Western Isles.

Portsmouth 3 Nov 1813 departed from St. Helen's for off Cherburgh.

Portsmouth 14 Nov 1813 departed for off Cherburgh.

6 Apr 1814 anchored in the Gironde, in company with the Egmont and made preparations to take French vessels lying near her, but the French set them on fire.

Pouillac 9 Apr 1814 It is reported that some of Buonaparte's veterans are determined to hold out, though the inhabitants are all in favour of the Bourbons.

Plymouth 21 Aug 1814 Passed up Channel with a convoy.

Portsmouth 22 Aug 1814 arrived from Quebec.

Portsmouth 29 Aug 1814 departed for Plymouth.

Plymouth 1 Sep 1814 arrived from Portsmouth.

Plymouth 28 Jan 1815 Returned, driven in by contrary winds.

Cape of Good Hope 26 Aug 1815 departed for England.

13 Nov 1815 arrived England from the Cape of Good Hope.

Plymouth 18 Nov 1815 arrived from Portsmouth, to be paid off.