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Centurion, 1774
Type: 4th Rate ; Armament 50
Launched at Harwich : 1774 ; Disposal date or year : 1825
Tons (BM) : 1044.

Sheerness 28 Dec 1784. Lying in ordinary at this port, is ordered up the river to be repaired.

Early 1794 the Orpheus, Centurion, and Resistance, arrived on the East India station.

5 May 1794 capture of the French 34-gun ship Duguay-Trouin, late Princess-Royal, Indiaman off the Isle of France.

22 Oct 1794 inconclusive meeting off the Isle-Ronde, Isle of France, between the Centurion, Captain Samuel Osborne, and Diomede, and a French squadron composed of the frigates Cybčle, and Prudente, the 20-gun corvette Jean-Bart, and 14-gun brig-corvette Courier.

21 Jul 1795 the Suffolk, Hobart, Centurion, Captain Samuel Osborn, and transports, departed from Madras for Ceylon, joined en route by Diomede, to take Trincomalee and other Dutch settlements on the Island.

16 Feb 1796 Rear-admiral Peter Rainier arrived with a squadron, including the Centurion, Captain Samuel Osborne, off Amboyna, Molucca islands and landed troops : possession being taken without resistance.

7 Mar 1796 Rear-admiral Peter Rainier arrived with a squadron, including the Centurion, off Great-Banda, or Banda-Neira and landed troops : possession being taken with little resistance.

1 Jan 1799 Captain J. S. Rainier. The East Indies,

circa Mar-Jun 1799 at Mocha and Suez in the Red Sea.

Early 1800 at Suez.

21 Jan 1800 T. Tring, a seaman belonging to the Centurion, was executed on board the Suffolk, at Bombay, pursuant to the sentence of a Court Martial. Tring, with some others, was sent with a prize to the Centurion for the Cape of Good Hope, but the vessel was re-captured on her passage, and carried into the Mauritius : the Prize-master and his crew shortly after received permission from the French Commander to return home ; but Tring and another, instead of doing so, entered on board the French frigate La Prudente, which was afterwards captured by the Daedalus. Tring entered as an American on board the Daedalus, and proceeded with her into the Red Sea, where joining the Centurion, he was recognized. His companion was killed in the action between the frigates.

23 Aug 1800 Dutch brig De Vrow Elizabeth Christiana, of 6 guns, 20 men, and 120 tons, from Batavia, in ballast, taken off Batavia, by the Daedalus, Centurion, Braave, and La Sybille. In addition the Vrow Cornelia, of 6 guns, 10 men, and 70 tons taken along with a fairly large number of merchant and Dutch vessels in the Roads were detained, burnt and scuttled etc. See pp 410-411 of Vol 6 of Naval Chronicle for more detail.

circa Oct-Nov 1801 at sea, Mr. Hope Carter, Purser, Mr. Powell, Master's Mate, and Mr. Pavey, Midshipman, of the Centurion.

26 May 1802 the Centurion, Captain Rainier is reported to be in dock at Bombay.

17 Feb 1803 a letter, as dated, received Portsmouth circa 15 Aug 1803, from Ceylon, advises that the Centurion after having rigged jury masts, was so unfortunate as to meet with another gale, off Manar, and was nearly lost ; and is now put into Cochin.

5 Jul 1803 with France attempting to recover her war-time losses in the East Indies news that a renewal of the war was imminent brought about a number of manoeuvres and events between the French and British ships-of-war on the station.

17 Aug 1804 defended the ship against an attack by a French 74 and 2 frigates in Vizagapatam road.

May 1805 Chatham, to repair in Ordinary

1811 Receiving Ship, Halifax