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Cerberus, 1794
Type: Frigate ; Armament 18-pdr. 32-gun
Built at Southampton : 1794 ;
Disposal date or year : 1814
BM : 816 tons

Jul 1796 Cerberus and Seahorse captured the French privateer Calvodos on the Irish station.

28 Aug 1796 Cerberus, Diana, and Seahorse captured the French privateer Indemnité on the Irish station.

5 Nov 1796 captured the French privateer Hirondelle on the Irish station.

29 Dec 1796 captured the French privateer Didon in the Channel.

11 May 1797 captured the French privateer Dunkerquoise on the Irish station.

Sept 1797 captured the Spanish privateer San Noberta, schooner, 4 swivels 42 men, on the Irish station.

12 Sep 1797 Cerberus and Diana captured the French privateer Neptune on the Irish station.

12 Nov 1797 captured French ship-privateer Epervier, of sixteen 4-pounders.

13 Nov 1797 recaptured a ship, prize to the Epervier.

14 Nov 1797 captured ship-privateer, the Renard, carrying eighteen 6-pounders ; also chased the ship-privateer Buonaparte, mounting, as represented, 32 guns.

Circa 26 Aug 1798 off Lough Swilly, Diana, Cerberus, and Shannon informed that three French frigates had landed troops at Killala in the county of Mayo and made all sail in pursuit of them - see p. 58->

1 Jan 1799 Capt. J. M'Namara. Repairing at Portsmouth.

20 Jul 1799 Plymouth, arrived the Philadelphia, of Alexandria, Symonds, with sundries, bound to Liguera, taken in May by a French privateer, and recaptured by the Cerberus, 32. The French, as usual, plundered the vessel of several articles ; and she also recaptured the General Prescot, from Smyrna for London, and sent these for Ireland.

28 Sep 1799 captured the French letter of marque L'Echange, pierced for 14, but carrying only 10 guns, and 40 men, 6 days, bound from Bourdeaux, to St. Domingo, with bale goods and wines, &c.

5 Oct 1799 Plymouth, arrived L'Exchange French letter of marque of 12 guns and 90 men, from Bourdeaux, with a cargo of sundries for St. Domingo, prize to the Cerberus, 32.

20 Oct 1799 action with Spanish frigates protecting a convoy.

10 Dec 1799 Plymouth, came in the Cerberus, from the Bristol Channel.

5 Apr 1800 Plymouth, departed on a cruise.

26 Aug 1800 Plymouth, arrived with the Reliance, 14, and East Indiamen : Earl Howe, Earl Mornington, Caledonia, from Bengal ; and Hercules from Bombay, having fallen in with the Reliance, 14, from New Holland, and 5 East indiamen, from Bengal and Bombay, between the Western Islands and Cape Clear.

27 Aug 1800 Plymouth, departed for the River [Thames] with the East Indiamen."

2 Sep 1800 Portsmouth, arrived with the Beaver, from a cruise.

13 Sep 1800 Portsmouth, departed for Cowes, to take troops from thence to Jersey, and then proceed to Ireland.

2 Oct 1800 Plymouth, arrived from a cruise.

16 Oct 1800 Plymouth, departed on a cruise with the George cutter, 12.

30 Mar 1801 at Cork, the command of the West Indies convoy was transferred to the Cerberus, Capt M'Namara ; the Emerald going also, and are just getting under way, wind S.S.E., and hoping not to have to put back again.

16 Oct 1801 the Falmouth packet, Princess Elizabeth, Capt Kidd, called at Jamaica, where he found HM Ships Cumberland, Abergavenny, Topaze, Circe, Cerberus, Retribution, Volage, Shark, Calypso, and Merlin, and during her stay the Carnatic, Seine, and Crescent arrived, and Capt Kidd departed Jamaica 2 Nov., with HM ship Apollo in company.

7 Dec 1802 departed Jamaica per a packet from Falmouth.

3 Feb 1803 the Cerberus, Capt M'Namara, arrived Spithead from Jamaica, last from Bantry Bay, disabled.

9 Feb 1803 sent round to Sheerness.

13 Feb 1803 departed Spithead for Sheerness, to be paid off.

16 Feb 1803 arrived Sheerness to make good the recent loss of her mizen-mast and foretop-mast.

13 Mar 1803 the Cerberus is ordered to be refitted in place of the Pallas, which is to be broken up.

17 Apr 1803 Capt Selby has commissioned the Cerberus ; the contract riggers have got her lower rigging over head today ; the contract riggers would appear to have come down from London, and were spotted a few days later, packed into a pair of long coaches, heading back to London by road.

10 May 1803 the Texel, Leyden, Beschermer, and Cerberus are now awaiting a wind at Chatham to drop down to Long Reach to embark their guns and powder &c.

13 May 1803 the Texel, Leyden, and Cerberus departed Chatham for Long Reach.

13 Jun 1803 departed Sheerness for the Downs.

14 Jun 1803 arrived Spithead from the Downs, with 64 seamen, volunteers for the Royal Sovereign.

21 Jun 1803 the Hydra, Amazon, and Cerberus departed Spithead for the Channel Isles, where an attack was expected to be made by the French.

28 Jun 1803 arrived Spithead from a cruise.

1 Jul 1803 departed Spithead on a cruise.

13-15 Sep 1803 departed Guernsey for the bombardment of Granville, on the French coast.

Circa 19 Sep 1803 it is reported in the Hampshire Telegraph that following the bombardment of Granville, the Cerberus frigate, R.-Adm Sir Jas Saumarez, Capt Selby, with the sloops Renard, and Charwell, and 2 bombs, departed to take possession of the Islands La Conchée, near St Malo.

21 Sep 1803 arrived Portsmouth for a refit, having got aground during the attack on Granville, when she needed to be shored up until the return of the tide.

29 Sep 1803 the Cerberus, departed Spithead with a convoy for Jersey and Guernsey.

27 Jan 1804 the Cerberus, Capt Selby, arrived Spithead with the Chameau, a large French gun boat, from Granville, bound for Havre, captured off Cape Barfleur.

13 Feb 1804 departed Spithead for Guernsey, the Cerberus.

12 May 1804 it was reported at Portsmouth that 6 men belonging to the Cerberus, away from the ship in a boat, landed on an island with a view to taking the stores from 3 French gun boats which had lately run ashore, when the men deserted with the boat and would appear to have landed on the French coast and have been take prisoner by the French and are accused of spying by a French Military Commission. The officer was recovered by the Cerberus.

7 Jun 1804 arrived Spithead from Guernsey, the Cerberus, Capt Selby.

20 Jun 1804 departed Spithead, for the Guernsey Station.

17 Oct 1804 arrived St Helen's.

20 Oct 1804 moved up from St Helen's to Spithead.

22 Oct 1804 arrived Spithead from St Helen's.

27 Oct 1804 came into Portsmouth harbour from Spithead.

Circa 17 Nov 1804 Mr Dalton of the Cerberus apptd to be purser of the Diomede.

Circa 15 Dec 1804 went out of harbour to Spithead.

28 Dec 1804 departed Spithead the Cerberus, Capt Selby, for Guernsey.

May 1805 cruising in the Channel.

15 May 1806 captured the Spanish privateer La Aimable Theresa, 2 guns, 18 men, on the Jamaica Station.

2 Jan 1807 captured 2 French privateer, names unknown, on the Leeward Island station.

2 Mar 1808 with a small squadron captured the Island of Guadaloupe with a view to reducing the number of havens available to French privateers.

29 Mar 1808 with a small squadron took the Island of Désirade, the neutrality of the island being all that was required, with a view to reducing the number of havens available to French privateers.

25 Jul 1809 ships' boats of the Princess-Caroline, Minotaur, Cerberus, and Prometheus attack four Russian gun-boats and an armed brig lying at Fredericksham, near Apso roads, in the gulf of Finland, which were captured and brought off - at a price.

28 Jun 1810 Amphion, Active and Cerberus, having chased a convoy into the harbour of Groa, sent in the ships' boats, who either destroyed or brought out the ships of the convoy.

9-24 Oct 1810 the Cerberus having joined the Amphion and Active on the 9th at Lissa, and the Acorn on the 12th, the squadron, went in search of the French, but had returned to Ancona.

4 Feb 1811 Cerberus and Active, whilst cruising off the north-east coast of Italy, sent the ship's boats into the port of Pescaro to cut out a number of vessels.

12 Feb 1811 Cerberus and Active, whilst cruising off the north-east coast of Italy, sent the ship's boats into the harbour of Ortona to cut out a number of vessels.

13 Mar 1811 action between the frigates Amphion, Cerberus, Active, and ship Volage, off Lissa, with a larger French frigate squadron in which the Favorite was accidentally run ashore and 2 frigates captured ; the Corona was added to the navy by the name of Daedalus and the Bellona, as the troop-ship Dover.

Portsmouth 25 Sep 1811 arrived from the Mediterranean

11 Apr-27 May 1813 the ship's boats of the Apollo and Cerberus involved in a number of actions.

Portsmouth 16 Jun 1814 arrived from the Mediterranean