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Ceres, 1781
Type: Slop ship from Mar 1803 ; late 5th rate ; Armament 32
Launched at Liverpool : 1781 ; Disposal date or year : 1830
Tons (BM) : 692.

Ceres 1 Jan 1799 Capt. R. H. Pearson. At Jamaica.

Deal 1 Nov 1785 departed for the River.

circa June 1793 Ceres and Nimble captured the French privateer Petite Victoire in the North Sea.

2 Feb 1794 Vice-admiral Sir John Jervis departed from Barbadoes with a fleet, including the Ceres, Capt Richard Incledon, for Martinique. Seamen from many of the ships played an important role in moving heavy guns over difficult terrain and in the various assaults required to subdue the Island. Elements from the fleet then went on to take Sainte-Lucie, Guadeloupe, and other islands, in subsequent months.

March and April 1794, operations at the Islands of Martinique, St. Lucia, and Guadaloupe.

Circa 10 Apr 1794 the frigates Quebec, Ceres and Rose were detached to take the three small islands adjacent to Guadeloupe, called the Saintes. 1 - 2 May 1800 prize money resulting from the operations at the Islands of Martinique, St. Lucia, and Guadaloupe due for payment.

21 Mar 1796 St.-Domingo, W.I., a squadron, including the Ceres, Capt James Newman Newman, arrived off town of Léogane with troops, with a view to reducing the area, but was found to be too strongly defended : however an attempt on Bombarde proved successful.

21 Mar 1796 in company with the Swiftsure, Leviathan, Africa, Ceres, Severn, Iphigenia, Cormorant, Lark, Le Serin, and Marie Antoinette, at the capture of the schooner Charlotte and Brig Sally.

Between Oct 1797 & Mar 1798 captured the French privateer Créole on the West Indies station.

12 May 1798 captured the French privateer Sally on the Jamaica station,.

18 May 1798 captured the French privateer Goulette on the Jamaica station,.

30 May 1798 captured the French privateer Aventure on the Jamaica station,.

May 1798 Ceres and Acasta captured the French privateer St. Mary de Louvaine on the Jamaica station,.

1 Jun 1798 burnt the French privateer Mutinie to windward of St. Juan.

20 Jun 1798 captured the French privateer - on the Jamaica station,.

Jun 1798 captured the French privateer Cargo on the Jamaica station.

13 Aug-Oct 1799 employed on expedition to Holland.

19 Dec 1799 Portsmouth, departed with the Sensible and Niger with Russian troops, for Guernsey.

Circa Feb 1800 Lieut. Barley Reynolds, of the Ceres, died of an apoplexy, with which he was seized whilst playing at backgammon. He was universally esteemed and respected ; and was most honourably attended to the grave by Capt NichoIas, and all the other officers, part of the ship's company, and the whole of the marines of the ship he belonged to.

20 Feb 1800 Portsmouth, departed with the Niger for Guernsey.

3 Mar 1800 Portsmouth, arrived with the Harpy, 18.

18 Mar 1800 Portsmouth, departed with the Resource, Romulus, and Sheerness, all armed en flute, for the Downs.

29 Apr 1800 Portsmouth, arrived with the Regulus, Touterelle, Roebuck, and Druid, from the Downs.

8 May 1800 Portsmouth, departed with the Regulus, Europa, Roebuck, and Druid, for the eastward, to fetch troops for the expedition.

8 Mar - Sep 1801 Expedition to Egypt.

23 Dec 1801 arrived Motherbank anchorage, off Ryde, IoW, for Portsmouth, where ships from abroad, in this case from Madeira, Malta and Egypt, the Trusty, and Ceres, both armed en flute, were put in quarantine.

4 Jan 1802 released from quarantine and moved to a mooring at Spithead, Capt Jones.

1 Mar 1802 the Evening Mail reports that the Texel, Alkmaar, Trusty, Inconstant, Thisbe and Ceres were to be stored for 5 months ; destination supposed to be Ceylon. In the event only the following 3 vessels appear to have departed at the end of the month for the West Indies: Delft, Alkmaar and Ceres.

17 Mar 1802 departed Spithead the Ceres, armed en flute, Capt Jones, for Cowes, to take troops on board for Jamaica.

30 Mar 1802 departed Spithead the Delft, Alkmaar, hospital ship, and Ceres, with the 55th regiment, a detachment of the 60th regiment, and some artillery on board for Jamaica.

Circa 14 May 1802 the Stork, just arrived Jamaica from England, in a letter to Portsmouth, reports the arrival of the troop ships Delft, Alkmaar, and Ceres at Jamaica, and the subsequent departure of the Alkmaar, and Ceres with the 55th Regt for Montego Bay, so dates a little more than approximate.

21 Sep 1802 arrived off Plymouth Sound the Decade, 44, and Ceres, 28, from the Windward Islands.

24 Sep 1802 last night, after post, arrived Spithead the Carriere, 36, Capt Maitland, from Malta; and the Ceres troopship, Capt Jones, from Jamaica, with part of the 63d regiment on board.

28 Sep 1802 passed through the Downs from Portsmouth to Chatham.

17 Nov-30 Dec 1802 prize money resulting from the expedition to Holland due for payment.

29 Mar 1803 Lieut Johnston, an experienced officer, has been appointed in command of the Ceres, which is to be stationed at the Nore, as a slop ship.

May 1805 Sheerness.