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Challenger, 1813
Type: Sloop ; Armament 18
Launched : 1813 ; Disposal date or year : 1824


May - Aug 1813 the frigates Révolutionnaire and Présidente, brig sloops Beagle, Despatch, and Challenger ; and schooners Holly and Juniper, and two gun-boats, stationed off the north coast of Spain to assist the patriots.

Portsmouth 1 Aug 1813 departed on Friday night to Plymouth.

Plymouth 20 Aug 1813 departed on a cruise.

13 Oct 1813 Telegraph, Challenger, and Constant bring about a situation where the crew of the French brig-corvette Flibustier set their ship on fire.

Plymouth 23 Dec 1813 arrived from a cruise.

1 Aug 1814, arrived Halifax, N.S., 9 days from Newfoundland.

11 Oct 1814, arrived Halifax, 14 days from St. John, Newfoundland, with a small convoy and the papers.

Portsmouth 26 Nov 1814 arrived from Newfoundland.

Portsmouth 4 Dec 1814 departed for the Downs.

Madras Roads 20 Jun 1816 Had departed for the Persian Gulf.

Trincomalee 26 Dec 1817 Reported to be cruising in the Persian Gulf.

Trincomalee 26 Jul 1817 Remains.

Mauritius circa 14 Jul 1818 departed for the Island of Cargados to pick up the remnants of the crew of the ship Cabalva, wrecked on 7 Jul.

1820 Mooring vessel, probably at Trincomalee, where she was subsequently sold.