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Challenger, 1903
Type: Light Cruiser, late Second-class cruiser ; Armament 11 x 6" ; 8 x 12 pdr ; 1 x 3 pdr
Launched : 1903 ; Displacement: 5880 tons
Machinery notes: 12,500 ND

2 Dec 1900 A ceremony took place at Chatham Dockyard yesterday to mark the commencement of the construction of the proposed new cruiser Challenger, named after the vessel which carried out important deep-sea explorations and scientific research during the years 1872 and 1875. Prayers were offered by Canon HC Pollock, of Rochester Cathedral and the well plate was "well and truly" laid by Mrs Atkinson, the wife of Captain GL Atkinson, the Commander of Chatham Dockyard.

Aug 1914 Devonport. Ninth Cruiser Squadron. Parent ship.

Closing weeks of Aug 1914 off Madeira - see

4 Sep 1914 departed Madeira for Las Palmas.

6 Sep 1914 left Las Palmas.

12 Sep 1914 arrived Sierra Leone, and subsequently proceeded to the Cameroon River, calling at Accra, Lagos, Lome (Togoland), Forcados, and Calabar for transports.

9-30 Sep 1914 preparations for and capture of Duala in the Cameroons - see pp 505-530

25 Sep 1914 moved up river to come in sight of Duala, at this time being occupied by the Germans .

Jul 1915 reported to be on the East Coast of Africa at the time of the attack on the Konigsberg, having spent the first 8 months of the war up the Cameroon River - see pp 345

End of Jul 1915 visited Mansa Bay.

Jul-Aug 1915 attack on German ship President at Lindi.

17 Aug 1915 attack on a small despatch vessel at Dar-es-Salaam.

Mid Dec 1915 Challenger and Mersey involved in diversion at Moa Bay.