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Chameleon, 1819
Type: Revenue Cutter ;
Disposal date or year : 27 Aug 1834
Disposal Details : Rundown off Dover by HMS Castor. Lieut. John Pratten. Survivors thought to be two seamen and 2 boys.

Portsmouth 15 Feb 1819 Came into harbour from a cruise.

Rye 1 Dec 1819 Driven on the bar in the gale on Sunday night, but fortunately sustained very little injury.

Portsmouth 14 Sep 1820 arrived from a cruise.

26 Jun 1828 Lt. Joseph W. Brown apptd. to the Cameleon.

Dartmouth 25 Jan 1833 Has detained and sent in a smuggling lugger, taken off the Start Point with 100 tubs of spirits and a quantity of tea.

Nov 1841 based at Littlehampton.

Chameleon, <-1839->
Type: Revenue Cutter ;

14 Dec 1839 Mate John Allen, appointed Chief Officers of Coast Guard and to the Chameleon, R. C.

21 Dec 1839 John Allen, from Chamelion, revenue cruiser, appointed Chief Officer of the Coast Guard and to stations in Ireland

11 Dec 1841 Portsmouth, in harbour.

Portsmouth 1 Mar 1845 arrived with 38 tubs or spirits crept up from off Bembridge Point.

Aug 1854 Lieutenant W W Morris, in command, has been appointed to the Waterloo.