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Chance, <-1838-1848->
Type: Revenue vessel ;

26 Jun 1828 John Carter, apptd. in command of the Chance.

Nov 1838 guarding the remains of the wreck of the Lady Charlotte, on the Barrels rock, north-west of Cape Clear. The coast guard's and ship's boats are reckoned to have crept up $36,000 etc. which is now on board the Chance, in Long Island Sound. Messrs Deane and Edwards are reported to be arriving shortly with their diving apparatus.

1 Aug 1842 based at Castle Townsend.

20 Dec 1848 revenue Vessel.

Chance, 1861
Type: CoastGuard cruiser ;
Laid down : at M. Wigram and Sons, Blackwall 2 Feb 1861 ;
Launched : 8 Aug 1861 ;
BM: 60 tons ;

Subsequently returned to the contractors not being fit for the service, the cost having been repaid into the Exchequer.