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Chapman, 1803
Type: HEIC armed transport ; Armament 18

Circa 21 Nov 1803 with the threat of a French invasion the HEIC has voted 10,000 tons of shipping, as armed transports, for the protection of the coast of Great Britain, including the Chapman, 555 tons, 24 guns (32, 24 & 9 pdrs), which has been apptd to the Leith Station.

26 Nov 1804 departed Spithead, the Chapman, "armed ship," with a convoy, per the Hampshire Telegraph, p. 3, of 3 Dec 1804.

N.B. Since some of these vessels have the same names as RN vessels I've included these HEIC vessels, where known, in an attempt to avoid confusion. The vessels listed on 21 Nov 1803 included the Norfolk, Chapman, Helder, Lord Forbes, Atlas, Paragon, Aurora, Triton, Lord Nelson, Indefatigable, Duckenfield, Sir Alexander Mitchell, Diadem, Albion, Perseus, Suffolk, Robert, Anacreon,