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Charles, 1807
Type: Armed transport ;
Disposal date or year : 31 Aug 1807
Disposal Details : Blew up after being hit by a shell from the Trekronen during the siege of Copenhagen
During the 28th, 29th, and 30th, no skirmishing took place between the adverse flotillas ; but on the 31st the Danish prames, gun-boats, crown battery, and floating batteries, again attacked the British batteries at the mill and the advanced squadron : which latter, since the repair of the gun-brigs, had resumed its position off the entrance of the harbour. In this affair the Charles armed transport was blown up by a shell from the Trekronen ; whereby her master (James Moyase), seven of her seamen and two of the Valiant's were killed, and one lieutenant (Henry Nathaniel Rowe), a master's mate (Philip Tomlinson, mortally), and 12 seamen of the Valiant, and seven of the Charles, wounded ; total, 10 killed, and 21 wounded. No other British vessel engaged appears to have sustained any loss. The Danes acknowledged a loss of only one man killed and four wounded.