HMS Charlotte and Hired Armed Cutter Charlotte

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Charlotte, 1801
Type: Tender ; Armament ?
Acquired : 1801

6 Aug 1801 it is reported that the tender Charlotte, formerly attached to Adm. Graeme, CinC of the Nore, but now attached to Lord Nelson, in returning from the Dutch floating battery Berchermar, Capt Fraser, stationed her the Middle Sand to guard the Swin Passage, was taken possession of by about 30 Dutch volunteers, who have for some time been employed as volunteers by R.-Adm. Rowley, in fitting out the ships at Chatham, and were on return to that place, having just completed the Berchermar. In the night, having got her under way, but ran her aground on the East Barrow Sand, not knowing the River. 11 of the more determined, after cutting the tender's rigging took the tender's 4-oared boat and pushed off down river, for the continent, with the tender's crew hoping that they would be picked up by one of our cruisers.

28 Aug 1801 a Court Martial was held on board the Monarch, lying in Black Stakes, in the Medway, on 17 foreign seamen, who were prisoners of war in this country, but had volunteered to serve in any of his Majesty's Ships of War, for forcibly taking possession of the tender Charlotte, as above. The court found 6 of the ring-leaders guilty, and sentenced them to receive 50 lashes each, and to be imprisoned during the war.