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Charwell / Cherwell, 1801
Type: Sloop ; Armament 18
Taken : 1801 ; Disposal date or year : sold Apr 1813

18 Jan 1801 the French corvette Aurore captured by the frigate Thames. Purchased into the Service and renamed Charwell / Cherwell, spelling probably depending on your age and origin ie coming from the area, back in the 1950s, I always knew it as the River Cherwell ; I'd not come across Charwell, so for me it seems to be a later derivation, although I'm probably wrong ?

4 May 1803 the Cherwell, as it is spelt in the source ie the Morning Post of 7 May 1803, Capt P Dumaresque, now in Hamoaze, is completely rigged and fitting for sea, but wants men !

6 Jun 1803 departed Plymouth with a convoy of 15 sail for Portsmouth, the Downs and the River.

12 Jun 1803 hoisted a flag in the Downs for a convoy to the Westward.

14 Jun 1803 departed the Downs.

15 Jun 1803 put back to the Downs.

22 Jun 1803 arrived Spithead, from the Downs.

17 Jul 1803 departed Plymouth with a convoy to the Eastward.

25 Jul 1803 last week was reported to have gone aground on a rock near Guernsey, and had to throw everything overboard, bar 2 guns, to get off, including provisions, powder and shot, and has now gone into Plymouth for repairs and to refit.

1 Sep 1803 the Charwell, Capt Dumaresq, which arrived a few days since, is in Hamoaze, and in due course will go into dock to have her copper stripped so that her hull can be inspected.

13-15 Sep 1803 bombardment of Granville, on the French coast.

6 Mar 1804 arrived at Spithead with a convoy from Guernsey.

10 Mar 1804 Peter Wilman was tried for desertion, which was proved and he was sentenced to receive 50 lashes on board the Cherwell.

12 Mar 1804 last Monday evening, when weighing anchor at Guernsey, the messenger broke and struck Capt Dumaresque on the calf, and a week later he's still confined.

13 Mar 1804 departed Spithead with a convoy for Guernsey.

May 1805 Spithead

6 Apr 1812, put up for sale at Deptford.