HMS Charybdis

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Charybdis, 1809
Type: Brig-sloop ; Armament 18
Launched : 1809 ; Disposal date or year : Sold 1819

29 Jul 1812, captured the Mount Vernon, bound to St. Bartholomew, laden with fish, and tar.

31 Dec 1812 captured a U.S. privateer, the 10 gun schooner Blockade, with 60 men, Near Saba.

22 May 1814 arrived Halifax, from St. Thomas's, WI.

Circa 11 Jun 1814 departed with a convoy for England and Ireland.

6 Sep 1814 departed Portsmouth for Cork.

8 Sep 1814 departed Portsmouth, with a convoy of transports for Cork, and thence for America.

5 Nov 1814 arrived Halifax, with a convoy, including transports, from Cork.

7 Dec 1814 remains Halifax.

23 Feb 1815, arrived Halifax, from New Orleans, last from New London.

23 Mar 1815, arrived Halifax, from New London, and other towns in Connecticut, where they reported that they had been treated with every mark of respect.

4 May 1815, arrived Halifax, with the Escort and several transports, with detachments of the 62nd and 29th regts. on board, from Castine.

10 Aug 1815 departed Portsmouth to be paid off.