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Chatham, 1758
Type: Hospital Ship ; late 4th rate ; Armament 50
Launched at Portsmouth : 1758 ; Disposal date or year : 1814
BM: 1052 tons

1 Jan 1799 50, Lieut. Bill., guardship, and hospital ship at Falmouth.

25 Mar 1800 Falmouth, arrived the Agamemnon, 64, and Clyde frigate, the former having struck on the Penmarks (it is said, the very same rock the Repulse was lost on) ; she was with difficulty kept above water, as when she arrived it was above the magazines. She fell in with the Childers off the land, from whom she received some assistance, and accompanied her into port. They were constantly pumping the whole of last night, assisted by the crews of two sloops of war lying here, and the Chatham guardship, and a part of the soldiers from Pendennis garrison ; notwithstanding which it was found this morning the water had increased three feet; but we learn, that towards the afternoon, the leaks had not gained on the men at the pumps ; it is therefore hoped they will be able to prevent her from sinking.

10 May 1802 having lain at Falmouth during the late war, is now rigging with jury masts, and taking on board naval stores from local Government warehouses, prior to departing for Plymouth.

16 May 1802 departed Falmouth, in company with the Suffisante, for Plymouth.

16 May 1802 came into Plymouth, from Falmouth, the Chatham, 50, many years receiving and convalescent ship at that port ; she was so crazy, that the Suffisante, 14, Captain Nesham, was appointed to convoy her safe to this port ; she went up the harbour with the young flood, to Devil's Point Battery, came to in the Narrows, and at flood tide went up to her moorings in Hamoaze, to be paid off at Plymouth.

6 Nov 1803 has been taken into dock to be repaired as a block ship, but was found to be rotten. (Note : but, it appears, not rotten enough to prevent her being used for harbour services for another 10 years or so.

1805 converted for use as a powder hulk at Plymouth.

29 Jun 1810 renamed Tilbury.