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Chatham, 1812
Type: 3rd Rate ; 74
Launched : 1812 ; Disposal date or year : 1817
BM: 1860 tons

Jul-Aug 1809 timbers brought away from Flushing during the ill-fated Walcheren Expedition.

Deal 15 Jun 1812 arrived and will proceed to off Flushing.

Deal 16 Jun 1812 departed for off the Scheldt

Deal 6 Oct 1812 arrived from off Flushing.

Deal 28 Feb 1813 departed for Portsmouth.

Deal 26 Mar 1813 departed for off Flushing.

Deal 29 Sep 1813 Remains in the Downs.

Deal 23 May 1814 Remains.

Deal 29 May 1814 departed for Boulogne.

Portsmouth 12 Jun 1814 departed with a squadron for Cherbourg to bring back to England 10-12,000 Russian Guards.

Portsmouth 20 Jun 1814 Returned from Cherbourg without the Russian troops.

Portsmouth 28 Jun 1814 Fitting to bring back the remaining troops from France.

Portsmouth 29 Jun 1814 Will sail tomorrow for Bordeaux to bring home English troops.

Portsmouth 4 Jul 1814 Paid wages and will sail tomorrow for Bordeaux.

Portsmouth 6 Jul 1814 departed for Bordeaux, to bring home troops to England.

Cork 26 Jul 1814 arrived at Cove, from Bordeaux, with the 34th and 50th regiments.

Portsmouth 9 Aug 1814 arrived from Bordeaux.

Portsmouth 18 Aug 1814 Came into harbour, to be docked.

Portsmouth 14 Sep 1814 Is in dock undergoing a complete refit.

Portsmouth 15 Dec 1814 Last night a ship's boat was swamped and several men drowned, going to the assistance of the Olympia cutter, on the Spit-bank.

Portsmouth 30 Dec 1814 To be manned.

Portsmouth 25 Jan 1815 To complete her crew and go out to Spithead soonest.

Portsmouth 26 Jan 1815 Dropped down to St. Helen's roads and will sail tomorrow to cruise off the Western Isles.

Portsmouth 29 Jan 1815 departed in search for American frigates.

Portsmouth 25 May 1815 departed from St. Helen's roads for Cork.

Plymouth 6 Jun 1815 arrived from Cork, to join the Channel Fleet.

Navy Office 19 Aug 1817 Ordered to be sold.