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Chatham, 1832
Type: Yacht
Launched : ? ; Disposal date or year : ?
BM: ?

Captain Sir T. Ussher has been apptd. to the Bermuda yacht, per the Hampshire Telegraph of 22 Oct 1832, where it is surmised, along with similar appointments e.g. Captain Sir James A. Gordon, K.C.B., R.N., apptd. to the Chatham yacht, and Captain H. B. Ross, R.N., to the Plymouth yacht, and that these appointments may have entitled these officers, who have been appointed as Captain Superintendents, at the respective yards, may be entitled to be selected as Members of Courts Marital ?

An 18th Century yacht Chatham is mentioned by Colledge, which has been rebuilt as follows over the years. I don't know if this is the yacht mentioned : perhaps a "could be" ? 1741 built Chatham, 74 tons bm.
1793 rebuilt Chatham, 93 tons bm.
1842 rebuilt Chatham, 104 tons bm.
Broken up 1867