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Chatham, 1911
Type: Light Cruiser
Launched : 1911 ; Disposal date or year : 1926
Displacement: 5400 tons

Aug 1914 Mediterranean Station.

Jul 1914, at Alexandria having completed a cruise which included visits to Phalerum Bay (Athens), Marmarice, Larnaka, Alexandretta, Beirut, etc.

28 Jul 1914 departed for Malta - see p. 460

30 Jul 1914 returned to Malta from Alexandria. departed for the Straits of Messina. See p 471.

3 Aug 1914 proceeded through the Straits of Messina and returned to Malta the following day.

4 Aug 1914 involved in search for Goeben - see p. 114->

11 Aug 1914 off the Dardanelles.

13 Aug 1914 ordered to Port Said.

17 Sep 1914 left Suez for Aden.

20 Sep 1914 reports received at Aden of the Pegasus being sunk at Zanzibar by the Konigsberg, so having coaled departed the following day for Mombasa.

27 Sep 1914 arrived Mombasa. Having coaled and attempted to improve the defences left for Zanzibar on the 28th in search of the Konigsberg.

30 Oct 1914 found the Konigsberg up the Rufiji. Dartmouth and Weymouth informed and to join idc.

10 Nov 1914 Konigsberg blocked in by sinking the merchant vessel Newbridge in mid-stream and the Dartmouth left for the Cape.

14 Nov 1914 the Weymouth departed for the Cape.

15 Nov the armed liner Kinfauns Castle arrived from the Cape with a Curtis seaplane and joined us off the Rufiji.

1915 Mediterranean.

2 Jul 1915 just arrived in the Dardanelles from England : bombarding from the Gulf of Zeros, believe on Gallipoli - see p 26->

31 Jul 1915 vice admiral visited the Island of Mytelene with a representative from the Admiralty, and departed the same day - see p. 149->

2 Aug 1915 another visit to Mytelene.

1915 Dardanelles - mined.

Post 1918 Flagship of the New Zealand division, and then of the East Indies Fleet.