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Cheerful, 1806
Type: Cutter ; Armament 12
Launched : Late 1806 ; Disposal date or year : 1816

2 Sep 1807 captured the Rarkebonde. Lieutenant Daniel Carpenter, Commander.

Yarmouth 5 Feb 1810 due prize money for the capture of the Rarkebonde.

Yarmouth 6 Jan 1811 Had to cut away masts during the gale.

Deal 29 May 1811 arrived in the Downs, driven from station by bad weather.

Deal 12 Jul 1811 departed on a cruise.

Deal 28 Aug 1811 departed for Yarmouth.

Yarmouth 30 Aug 1811 arrived from the northward.

Deal 2 Sep 1811 arrived from Yarmouth.

Deal 1 Oct 1811 departed for South Foreland.

Deal 13 Nov 1811 departed on a cruise to the westward.

Deal 21 Nov 1811 arrived from Portsmouth, after seeing the outward-bound safe at that port.

Deal 23 Nov 1811 departed with the outward-bound convoy to Portsmouth.

Deal 2 Dec 1811 arrived, having been driven off her station by stress of weather, sailing later in the day to resume her station, the gale having abated.

Deal 13 Jan 1812 arrived having seen the convoy safe in Portsmouth.

Deal 15 Jan 1812 departed to cruise off the coast of France.

Deal 9 Feb 1812 departed with thel outward-bound convoy for Portsmouth.

Deal 12 Feb 1812 arrived after seeing the convoy that departed on Monday safe to Portsmouth.

Yarmouth 30 Mar 1813 departed for the Baltic.

Yarmouth 29 Nov 1813 arrived with a convoy of transports from Gottenburgh.

Yarmouth 3 Dec 1813 arrived with a convoy from the Baltic, and will sail for Holland the first opportunity.

Yarmouth 3 Dec 1813 Remains.

Yarmouth 6 Dec 1813 departed with a convoy of transports containing troops for the Roompot Channel. Six Dutch schuyts with arms ammunition and accoutrements departed at the same time.

Harwich 2 Jan 1814 Remains.

Harwich 24 Feb 1814 arrived yesterday from Helvoet.

Harwich 20 Mar 1814 departed for Holland.

Portsmouth 11 Sep 1814 arrived from a cruise.

Portsmouth 15 Sep 1814 departed on a cruise.

Portsmouth 5 Sep 1815 arrived last night.

Navy Office 19 Jul 1816 Lying at Deptford ; offered for sale for 31 Jul 1816.