HMS Cheerful

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Cheerful, 1855
Type: Gunboat ; Armament 2
Launched : 6 Oct 1855 ; Disposal date or year : 1869
BM: 212 tons
Propulsion: Screw
Machinery notes: 20 hp
All gunboats from 1 Jan 1856, are to be commissioned as independent commands with a crew of 36 men and officers.
4 Feb 1856 Portsmouth. arrived from Sheerness. As reported Friday, all the gun boats are fitting up with coal, provisions etc., and taking their guns onboard to be ready to go out of harbour and assemble at the Motherbank. They are somewhat in the way in harbour, blocking up the harbour channel.
23 Feb 1856 Moved into the dock at Portsmouth on Thursday
23 Apr 1856, Present at Fleet Review, Spithead ; Blue Squadron ; Commander Asian