HMS Cherokee

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Cherokee, 1808
Type: Brig-sloop ; Armament 10
Launched : 1808 ; Disposal date or year : 1828

10-11 Jan 1810 boarded and captured the French lugger-privateer Aimable-Nelly from within Dieppe harbour.

12 Jan 1810 sent into Dover a French privateer, taken off Dieppe.

13 Jan 1812 arrived Edinburgh from a cruise.

13 May 1813 departed Leith with a convoy from Leith Roads on Monday afternoon, for Gottenburgh.

29 Jul 1813 arrived Leith from a cruise, with a Danish sloop.

23 Aug 1813 arrived Leith with a Hamburgh Greenland ship, her prize, with four fish.

22 Nov 1813 departed Sheerness with a convoy for Heligoland.

Circa Sep 1816 Lieut C W Sanderson apptd to the Cherokee.

Circa Sep 1816 Master T P Lurchin apptd to the Cherokee.

27 Nov 1821 Is in commission and based on Leith.