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Cherub, 1806
Type: Sloop ; Armament 18
Launched : 1806 ; Disposal date or year : 1820
BM: 424 tons

30 Jan-24 Feb 1809 a part of a expedition under R.-adm Sir A Cochrane which arrived off Martinique with a view to taking the Island.

14-17 Jun 1809 Latona, Haughty and Cherub chased two French armées en flute, Furieuse and Félicité which separated, and not long afterwards captured Félicité.

8 Feb 1814 Phoebe and Cherub arrived Valparaiso, where the US ship Essex and her prizes were anchored.

28 Mar 1814 following much propaganda and fake attempts to leave Valparaiso the Phoebe and Cherub captured the Essex.

early ? 1814 the whale-ship Sir Andrew Hammond, a prize to the US ship Essex, was retaken by the Cherub.

Portsmouth 8 Oct 1816 Remains.

15 Jun 1817, arrived Charleston Roads, in 35 days from Kingston, and 6 days from Havana. Escorted a convoy from Jamaica to Havana., due to piracy and unruly privateers operating in the region. She had about $350,000 on board, $150,000 to be landed locally, the balance being for the UK.

Portsmouth 29 Sep 1817 Off Portland last Tuesday evening.

Portsmouth 11 Oct 1817 departed for the coast of Africa.

Cape Coast 20 May 1818 departed for Accra.

Jamaica 11 Jun 1818 Has detained and sent in a Spanish brig and schooner from the Havannah, on suspicion of piracy.

Accra 23 May 1818 departed for for Ascension.

Barbadoes 3 Jul 1818 Will sail from Jamaica tomorrow. She reports that earlier in the year, amongst other vessels, she captured and sent to Jamaica a slave vessel of 200 tons, later discovered to be the late Windsor Castle packet, captured during the War of 1812.

Port Royal 15 Aug 1818 departed for Havannah.

Havannah 5 Sep 1818 departed for England.

Portsmouth 5 Oct 1818 arrived with specie from Havannah, having previously been employed on anti-slavery duties on the coast of Africa.